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【In-Ear Monitor Review】ASHIDAVOX EA-HF1: Exellent monitor sound like over-ear. Very nice quality IEM made in Japan.

The target model this time is ASHIDAVOX EA-HF1. Ashida Sound is a long-established manufacturer of professional speakers and headphones, established in 1942. The EA-HF1 is a low-priced earphone provided by ASIDA SOUND, which has continued …

【Chi-fi earphones impressions】Tri Starlight: It is a stardust sound with an emphasis on resolution and is suitable for metal speed rock sounds. The delicate particles that are typical of electrostatic drivers are attractive

For those who like the warm sound of the Tri i3 and Tri i4, it's an analytical sound in a different direction, and you might be surprised at the extreme change in tone quality. It's the current flagship model of the Tri, but it's clearly d…