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(True Wireless Earbuds Review) Sudio E2: The most attractive feature is the highly immersive spatial audio mode; ANC performance is also quite good and fully functional.

The main attraction of Sudio E2 is its unique spatial audio mode. It has the potential to provide a more immersive sound experience. ANC performance is also quite decent for its price range, and it has a full range of features, including s…

(News) Collaboration between that talented brand and HBB! LETSHUOER x HBB EJ07M Kinda Lava Edition

The popular reviewer HBB and the talented brand Shuoer have collaborated to create a remarkable earphone. It is "Shuoer EJ07M HBB Lava".

(News) Released "SHOZY Djembe" semi-open single dynamic driver Chi-fi IEMs

SHOZY Djembe, the latest entry-level semi-open single dynamic dynamic IEM from the popular Chinese earphone brand SHOZY, has been released.