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(Monitor Headphones Review) SHURE SRH940: High resolution, original sound fidelity, almost perfectly accurate localization and texture. An excellent studio monitor that is hard to believe at this price. Durability is the only drawback.

For those looking for an excellent monitor headphones at around $300, the first product to consider is the SHURE SRH940. With excellent detail and precise localization, and the ability to reproduce musical expression clearly and with high …

(News) NiceHCK Announces "M5": Five-Driver Hybrid(4BA+1DD) IEMs with Tuning Valves

NiceHCK, a well-known name in the HiFi audio community has released a new set of premium in-ear monitors, the NiceHCK M5. The M5 adopts a five-driver hybrid configuration featuring a classic combination of Balanced Armature and Dynamic Dri…