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(News) FiiO KA1 Latest USB DAC/AMP With Premium ES9281AC Pro DAC Chip

FiiO in collaboration with its sister brand Jade Audio has announced their latest Portable USB DAC/AMP, the FiiO&JadeAudio KA1. The KA1 adopts not only a high-resolution DAC but also a powerful headphone amplifier, promising us an authenti…

(True Wireless Earbuds Review) Edifier X3 To U: Enjoy and comfortably listen to music with Edifier's typical well-balanced V-shaped sound

The Edifier X3 To U offers a very well-balanced V-shaped sound signature that makes listening to music enjoyable and comfortable. Resolution and clarity may be a bit lacking, but it is an easy model to recommend in its price range.

(News) Moondrop CHU: Latest Entry-Level IEMs With Single Dynamic Driver

Over the years, Moondrop has earned a lot of respect in the audiophile community mainly for its premium set of in-ear monitors. They have multiple successful IEMs available across different price segments starting from as low as 13$ with i…