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(News) Rose QT9 MK2S: 1DD+4BA Hi-Fi Audiophile Flagship IEMs

Rose's latest hybrid IEM, the Rose QT9 Mk2S, is now available.

(News) Musiland 09 Mark III: Headphone Amplifier Digital Audio Decoder

Musiland has released its latest digital portable headphone amplifier, the Musiland 09 Mark III.

(News) BGVP Announces DX6: Flagship-Grade Flat-Head Earbuds With a Large 14.2mm DD

BGVP is a well-known HiFi audio equipment brand from China. They specialize in the design and marketing of premium in-ear monitors and earbuds. Today, we are here to announce the launch of their brand new set of earbuds, the BGVP DX6. BGVP…