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Hidizs Announces AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Limited Edition Collectible Digital Audio Player

Hidizs AP80 series of digital audio players need no introduction among audio lovers. The series has got plenty of products including the AP80, the AP80 Pro, and the recently launched AP80 Pro-X. Hidizs has a habit of releasing limited edit…

FiiO Releases LC-RE Pro 2022: Updated Flagship Gold, Silver, Copper Hybrid IEM Upgrade Cable

At their Autumn Fall Event today, FiiO has released the amazing FH7S hybrid driver IEMs. Alongside the FH7s, FiiO has also dropped an update to its flagship LC-RE Pro IEM cable, presenting the all-new FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022. Compared to the p…

SMSL C200: High End DAC & Headphone Amp

The SMSL C200 high-end DAC and headphone amplifier has been released.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) RAPTGO HOOK-X: High quality studio tuning monitors. Beautiful, colorful midrange that renders vocals cleanly.

The RAPTGO HOOK-X is a very high overall quality earphone with an innovative configuration that combines planar drive and piezo drivers, but the sound balance is well organized in a good studio tuning style.

Topping Releases G5 All-New Portable DAC/AMP with Premium Sabre DAC and HD Bluetooth Input

Topping has just released a brand new portable USB and Bluetooth DAC/AMP, the latest Topping G5. It’s a highly versatile device that serves as a premium Hi-Res audio source with its high-performance DAC chipset, powerful NFCA-based amplifi…

Quloos QLS MC01/MC01SE: Latest Flagship-Grade Portable DAC/AMPs

Portable Audio scenes can easily get sorted with your favorite pair of IEMs and a Portable USB DAC/AMP with your smartphones. These little devices are slowly replacing digital audio players for many portable users. Brands are regularly bri…

(News) Tempotec Serenade X: High-End Desktop HiFi DAP USB DAC

The latest network digital audio player, Tempotec Serenade X, is now available.

(News) Kinera Hodur: 1DD + 1BA+1 EST Drivers in Ear Monitors

The newest electrostatic IEMs, Kinera Hodur, have been released.

(News) iBasso Launches AMP13 Module With 6th Gen Korg Nutube For DX300 and DX320

iBasso has just announced its latest amp module for the flagship DX300 and the DX320 digital audio players, presenting the all-new iBasso AMP13. Designed with the 6th gen Korg Nutube 6P1, the AMP13 packs a tube-like rich sound presentation…

(News) Leisurely Audio L6: Single Side 6 BA Configuration

Leisurely Audio L6 is now available at Linsoul.

(News) Six Upgrades With FiiO BTR7 Compared To The BTR5: Brand New Bluetooth DAC/AMP

FiiO took the internet with its summer launch event yesterday where they announced several much-awaited products from their catalog along with a few surprises. The biggest awaited product for us from their catalog was the BTR7, the flagshi…

(News) FiiO BTR7 Dongle Amplifier with THX AAA!!!

The FiiO BTR7 dongle amplifier with THX AAA amplifiers has been announced and is now available for pre-order on HiFiGO. The price is $239.


The new IEM Penon Vortex has been released.

(News) Four Upgrades With Latest See Audio Bravery Anniversary Limited Edition!!

See Audio has released a brand new Anniversary Limited edition for its famous Bravery multi-BA IEMs, presenting you the all-new See Audio Bravery Anniversary Limited Edition. Available in an all-new Ruby Red color combination, See Audio Br…

(News) 8BA IEMs "Tingker H16" released

Tingker has released the Tingker H16 8BA IEMs.

(News) JQ 4Upro: HiFi 4BA 1DD Five Drivers Hybrid in Ear Earphones

5-driver hybrid IEM JQ U4pro is now available.

(News) iF Classic 51: 5 Balanced Armature Drivers Earphones

The flagship IEM "iF Classic 51" equipped with 5BA is now available at Linsoul.

(News) Astrotec AM850 MK2:Wired LCP Diaphragm In-Ear Monitor with Tuning Nozzles

Astrotec introduces the Astrotec AM850 MK2, an IEM with a high-quality LCP diaphragm from Astrotec.

(News) Rose QT9 MK2S: 1DD+4BA Hi-Fi Audiophile Flagship IEMs

Rose's latest hybrid IEM, the Rose QT9 Mk2S, is now available.

(News) Yanyin Aladdin, hybrid Chi-fi IEMs now available at Linsoul

Yanyin's 3BA +1DD Hybrid Drivers HiFi IEMs Yanyin Aladdin are quietly gaining popularity among audiophiles, and Linsoul is now carrying them.

(News) Aune X8 XVIII Anniversary Edition BT Magic Desktop DAC

AUNE Audio is a famous brand from Shenzhen China, they specialize in premium HiFi desktop gears such as audio decoders, headphone amplifiers, digital clocks, etc. Today, Aune has released their latest special edition variant for the well-k…

(News) THIEAUDIO Elixir: 3-Dimensional Velocity Transducer Diaphragm Dynamic Driver IEMs

The popular Chinese IEM brand "ThieAudio" has released the IEMs "THIEAUDIO Elixir" equipped with a newly developed dynamic driver.

(News) Topping M50: Desktop-Grade Digital Audio Player With USB OTG Bridge

Topping M50 is a premium desktop digital audio player with 10-band EQ support along with Apple Airplay and DLNA connectivity. Topping M50 supports USB OTG function, and has a microSD and Flash disk support(up to 256GB capacity). Topping al…

(News) Questyle M15 Portable USB DAC/AMP With ES9281AC Sabre DAC

Today, Questyle, a pioneer desktop Hifi audio brand has released its latest Portable USB DAC/AMP, the Questyle M15. The latest Questyle M15 houses two of Questyle’s patented CMA(Current Mode Amplification) SiP modules. It has four CMA amp …

(Monitor Headphones Review) SHURE SRH940: High resolution, original sound fidelity, almost perfectly accurate localization and texture. An excellent studio monitor that is hard to believe at this price. Durability is the only drawback.

For those looking for an excellent monitor headphones at around $300, the first product to consider is the SHURE SRH940. With excellent detail and precise localization, and the ability to reproduce musical expression clearly and with high …

(News) RAPTGO HOOK-X: Custom Planar+PTZ Driver, New concept New attempt

The RAPTGO HOOK-X, a Chinese IEMs with a rather unusual combination of planar drive and ceramic drivers, has been released.

(Headphones Review) GRADO SR225X: Do you like erotic vocals and sexy guitars that sound sweet, sad and raw with your breath?

If you like the sweetest, sexiest sound, you should not miss the GRADO SR225X. Mellow, lustrous, breathtakingly beautiful vocals and sexy guitars make for a sweet moment. It is not faithful to the original sound, but it offers another dime…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) DUNU FALCON PRO: These earphones have very good build quality, and you can enjoy changing the sound quality with the tuning nozzle. However, the sound is warm and not for everyone.

The DUNU FALCON PRO is quite an attractive option if you want a beautiful earphone with a high-end texture in the 20,000 yen range. The overall sound performance is also up to the standard of the price, and is quite good by any standard. H…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Audiosense DT600: Earphones for audiophiles whose sound changes with amplifiers and re-cabling. The range of sound varies from a thick, full midrange sound to a sparkling, high-frequency flat sound that sounds fantastic!

The Audiosense DT600 is a very geeky earphone that only those who have many audio devices such as DAPs, portable amplifiers, desktop amplifiers, etc. will find joy in. These earphones are really a core product for people who enjoy driving …

(Unboxing) SeeAudio Bravery: IEMs that let you hear the mid-range sound image carefully. At the moment, I personally prefer ANOU.

I got my hands on See Audio's new SeeAudio Bravery, and here are my first impressions.