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HarmonicDyne Athena New Release at Linsoul Audio

In this spring season when everything is about to sprout, we have exciting news for you about innovative incoming audio products. After the successful launch of a series of highly acclaimed headphones including the Helios, Zeus and Poseido…

(Wired Headphones Review) HarmonicDyne Athena: Neutral sound similar to studio monitors. Attractive sound field expression with a sense of envelopment and immersion.

The HarmonicDyne Athena is one of the most outstanding achievements in the HarmonicDyne headphone series, which has always been striving for new materials and new heights. It has excellent audio specs, with a sound quality that is generall…

HarmonicDyne Athena: Studio-Grade 50mm Metal-Ceramic Composite Dynamic Driver Headphone

HarmonicDyne has released its latest studio-grade headphones, the HarmonicDyne Athena.

Pre-orders for HarmonicDyne Athena have been released

Reservations for the newest headphones from the popular HarmonicDyne brand, the HarmonicDyne Athena, are now available at Linsoul.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) HarmonicDyne Devil: Beautiful sounding IEMs with mellow, bright midrange and high resolution

The HarmonicDyne Devil is a high resolution IEMs with a mellow sound focused on the bright midrange. The overall build quality is high, the packaging is gorgeous, and the unpacking experience is quite satisfying.

Meet HarmonicDyne Devil: Brand New In-Ear Monitors With Dual 10mm Custom Dynamic Drivers

We have got a brand-new pair of premium dual-dynamic driver IEMs from HarmonicDyne, meet the all-new HarmonicDyne Devil. Equipped with two high-performance 10mm custom-developed dynamic drivers, the HarmonicDyne Devil delivers impactful lo…

HarmonicDyne Devil: Flagship Dual Custom 10mm Dynamic Drivers In-Ear Earphones

The popular HarmonicDyne brand has released a new flagship class IEM, the HarmonicDyne Devil.

Latest Best Planar Magnetic Chi-fi In Ear Monitors Collection

IEM manufacturing technology is advancing day by day, especially in the last few years, with technological innovations in materials and driver construction. This article features earphones with planar drivers, which are popular for their u…

(News) HarmonicDyne Headphone Carrying Case: Headset Storage Package

HarmonicDyne has introduced a convenient Carrying Case for Headphones.

(News) HarmonicDyne G200: High Performance Planar Driver Headphones

The HarmonicDyne G200 planar-drive headphones have been released.

(News) HarmonicDyne P.D1 Latest Planar Dynamic Hybrid IEMs Announced

This time HarmonicDyne is entering into the IEM industry with their latest pair, the HarmonicDyne P.D.1. It is a stunning pair built with a high-precision 5-axis CNC machining process using aviation-grade aluminum alloy material. The name …