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HiFiGo's Exciting 3.28 Sale Is here: Enjoy Up to 40% Off On Your Favorite Audio Gears!!


2023 is off to a great start with an amazing first quarter coming to an end. And with this, we are fully prepared for the upcoming 3.28 sale event which we are going to kick off early this year. Our quarter-end sale is holding a lot of surprises with huge discounts and exciting deals on top-selling premium audio gear including DACs, Amplifiers, Digital Audio Players, and more. We will be bringing you some of the best deals ever on the latest products including the LETSHUOER x Gizaudio Galileo, Topping E70, Gustard R26, 7Hz Timeless AE, Moondrop Variations, Shanling M3 Ultra, and many more. Enjoy crazy deals with discounts up to 40% off on products from top brands in the industry including Topping, Moondrop, LETSHUOER, DUNU, See Audio, Gustard, etc. Our 3.28 sale begins early this time starting this Monday 20th March, and it will be active up till 26th March 2023!! Enjoy a full week of exciting deals on amazing Audio gadgets!! Check out the complete catalog here.


We are also hosting a giveaway for a unit of LETSHUOER x Gizaudio Galileo during our 3.28 sale event, you can check our Facebook for more details on how to participate in this giveaway.



Let’s showcase some of our favorite deals this sale

Letshuoer x Gizaudio Galileo
  • Retail Price: 109.99$.
  • Deal Price: 99.99$.



Gizaudio recently launched its first collaboration with LETSHUOER in the form of a dual-driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors, the LETSHUOER x Gizaudio Galileo. This dual-driver hybrid setup features a custom dynamic driver along with a premium balanced armature driver unit that promises an open and lively sound output. Galileo features exquisite-looking beautiful ear shells with unique ink-painted face covers. Galileo has got some amazing reviews online, the set is known for its exquisite sound delivery, a tuning that complements different genres of music amazingly!! Galileo retails for 109.99$, but grab it for just 99.99$ during our 3.28 sale!!

AFUL Performer5
  • Retail Price: 219.99$.
  • Deal Price: 199.99$.



AFUL Acoustics came as a new brand in the industry and they have already got an amazing fan following with the Performer 5 their debutant set. Performer 5 is a five-driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors that are loaded with several patented technologies including EnvisionTec 3D-Printed Acoustic Structure, RLC Frequency Crossover Division Correction Technology, and High-Damping Air-Pressure Balance System technologies to deliver premium sound. Ever since the pair was released, it is known for its excellent sound with a rich tone. Performer 5 came out recently only and this is probably the first time you are getting it at a discounted deal!! Don’t forget to check out details on the Performer 5 here.

LETSHUOER x Z Reviews Z12 Gold Edition
  • Retail Price: 169$.
  • Deal Price: 135.20$.



LETSHUOER’s collaboration with Zeos from Z Reviews the Z12 Gold Edition is also coming with an exciting discount on this sale. Z12 houses a large planar magnetic driver unit, with Z Reviews’s suggestion the pair is said to have an amazing sub-bass response and great resolution throughout a wide frequency band. Z12 Gold Edition comes in a beautiful Gold and Black color combination for ear shells. It is available at its best price of 135.20$, don’t forget to grab one for yourself this sale!! Check out more details here.

Apart from the Z12 Gold edition, LETSHUOER S12 and S12 Pro are also available at exciting prices at this sale event!!


Moondrop Variations
  • Retail Price: 520$.
  • Deal Price: 442$.



Moondrop Variations is an outstanding set of hybrid IEMs priced around the 500$ price range. It packs an outstanding sound with a premium multi-driver hybrid configuration. Variations house a combination of dynamic, balanced armature, and EST driver units. It’s a famous set now with countless lovers from all across the globe. With the lowest price ever deal of 442$, this is the best time to grab this excellent set for yourself. Do check out this beautiful set out here.

Moondrop Blessing 2
  • Retail Price: 319.99$.
  • Deal Price: 272.99$.



After Variations, Blessing 2 is the top-selling set of IEMs from Moondrop. The pair houses a five-driver hybrid configuration housing a powerful dd unit and four high-performance BA driver units. Blessing 2 has a clean and powerful sound with excellent detail retrieval. This has been among the best sets around the 300$ price for so long now. Usually, Blessing 2 retails for 319.99$, but grab this stunning set for just 272.99$ during our 3.28 sale week. Check it out here.

Moondrop’s other products including the famous Kato and the Aria Snow Edition are also coming on discount this sale, don’t forget to check them out as well.


DUNU Talos
  • Retail Price: 199$.
  • Deal Price: 179$.



DUNU Talos is the brand’s answer to the ongoing Planar Battles all around. This neatly designed set brings a hybrid configuration of a planar driver and dual BA drivers on each side. BA drivers can be turned on or off as and when required. The pair instantly grabbed a place in audiophile’s heart with its delicate performance. It brought the perfect sound with the speed of planar and the extreme high-frequency resolution of BA drivers. DUNU Talos is joining our catalog of discounted products with a price of 179$!!


DUNU’s famous Titan S will also be on the sales catalog, you can grab it at a discounted deal of 67.99$ as well!!


Gustard R26 Premium R2R DAC
  • Retail Price: 1649.99$.
  • Deal Price: 1484.99$.



Gustard is a well-recognized brand in desktop HiFi gear. Their very latest R26 R2R Desktop DAC with Streamer will be showing up during our 3.28 sale at a discounted price of 1484.99$. R26 is a discrete R2R ladder DAC that promises exceptional sound performance with precisely designed resistor ladder array architecture. It’s a native 1 Bit DAC that supports pure DSD signal decoding without DSD to PCM conversion. Gustard has designed it with top-quality components to take your musical experience to an all-new level of awesomeness!! Looking to grab an amazing out-of-this-world DAC for your desktop? Gustard R26 is the ideal choice!!

Topping E70
  • Retail Price: 349$.
  • Deal Price: 296.65$.



Talking about DACs, how can we miss the stunning range of products from Topping? The E70 is a premium DAC in Topping’s range equipped with the almighty ES9028Pro Sabre DAC chipset. E70 is one of those DACs that offers stunning resolution and a pitch-dark noise-free background and supports decoding for high-resolution PCM and DSD audio signals. It even has the latest Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity for wireless signal input. Grab the outstanding E70 at a never-before price of 296.65$ during our 3.28 sale!!

Along with the E70, you can also find a discounted deal on the companion Topping L70 Headphone amplifier. Don’t forget to check that one out as well.


Shanling M3 Ultra
  • Retail Price: 479$.
  • Deal Price: 409.52$.



Shanling M3 Ultra is one of the latest high-definition audio players from Shanling. It’s a successor to the highly-acclaimed M3X with a better SoC, the latest Android OS, a new Unibody design frame, and many more features. Shanling packs it with the trusted ES9219Cx2 dual DAC arrangement and an all-new upgraded AMP section designed with dual independent RT6863 amp chips. If you are looking for something in the mid-fi segment, Shanling M3 Ultra offers great sound in a compact form factor. It’s an ideal Hi-Res audio player for day-to-day usage!! It’s a relatively new product which is coming on sale for the very first time during this sale!! Grab this awesome player for a never before price of 409.52$!!


Effect Audio x Elysian Acoustic Labs GAEA
  • Retail Price: 1299$.
  • Deal Price: 1169$.



Effect Audio in collaboration with Elysian Acoustic Labs recently launched the all-new Gaea, a give-driver hybrid set of premium in-ear monitors. The pair promises top-quality sound with a powerful DD unit and four high-performance BA drivers arranged in a 4-way frequency crossover. It also has a premium finish with solid-stabilized wooden face covers. Enjoy your favorite music with the exclusive Effect Audio x Elysian Acoustics Gaea and grab it at a discounted deal during our 3.28 sale!!


This is just a short glimpse of what awaits you with this exciting week-long sale. We have planned some amazing deals on Kinera Nanna 2.0 Pro, Softears Volume, See Audio Braver AE, and many more products. We are also hosting a giveaway for a unit of LETSHUOER x Gizaudio Galileo, you should also participate in the giveaway on our Facebook. Don’t forget to check the complete catalog of our 3.28 sale here!!