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【Chi-fi earphones impressions】Moondrop Starfield: Open sound field expression with transparency and height by the Harman target curve

Moondrop Starfield

Moondrop Starfield

MoonDrop Starfield Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm Dynamic Earphone



Comfort / Noise isolation

$109.99 USD
Frequency response range 10~36000Hz
Impedance 32Ω
Sensitivity 122dB
Speaker type


Although it is a slightly larger housing design, it fits well in your ears. It is lightweight with a sturdy metal housing and has good sound insulation.


Testing environment

This first impression test is performed using FiiO M15.



  • 1 pair of Moondrop Starfield IEM
  • 24AWG Litz 4 Core Braided wire with glittering shine terminates at 3.5mm plug
  • Six pairs of silicone tips(different sizes)
  • Carry Pouch



Moondrop StarfieldMoondrop Starfield

Moondrop StarfieldMoondrop Starfield

Moondrop Starfield


Sound quality: Providing a sense of stability in a warm low-frequency presentation, it achieves a sound with good visibility while giving a moderately rich feeling.

Image of frequency characteristics (Test operation)

※The "Image of frequency characteristics" is a reference information for the purpose of reviewing the image of the frequency distribution personally for the sake of review. The measurement method and the measured data are very rough and lack strict reliability and accuracy.


First impression

This time we check the first impression using the large size silicon eartip included in the package.


Sound enough with a smartphone

The impedance is 32Ω and it is a little high to sound with a smartphone, but it can sound enough because of high sensitivity. I tested it on my Galaxy A30 and found nothing unsatisfactory.


Warm and calm floor surface, high-frequency expression emphasizing details, excellent sound field and three-dimensional feeling(savage genius - "Hikari no Yukue")



Starfield's warm lows provide stability in the mids, and the distribution of brightness in the highs is well thought out. As a result, the vocals are heard in the spotlight, with a natural sense of reality.


I tried the song "Hikari no Yukue" by savage genius, which is composed of acoustic sounds and rock elements.


At first glance, the resolution doesn't look good in the price range, it seems normal. Strings seem a bit gaudy, but hi-hats aren't very flashy, and there isn't much emphasis on contours in instrumental sounds, so there's no strong sense of resolution. Although the depth seems to be conscientious and the width of the sound stage is wide, the touch also feels a little soft in the low range, which doesn't feel like pushing the sound. The electric guitar sound is mild and gentle, and in some cases it feels a little fuzzy.


Compared to NF Audio NA1 , which is sold at almost the same price as Starfield in Japan, NA1 will give you a clearer image of the sound. The output of NA1 has a clear sound outline overall, has many clues, and the sound field may be slightly narrower than Starfield, but it listens well from top to bottom with a versatile monitor atmosphere.


The sound of Starfiled is wider in the mid range, and the sound of NA1 is different from the clear sound. Instrument sounds are widely arranged in the space, and the area around the vocals is very well organized. String and vocal stretches and hi-hat particles are emphasized, giving a good three-dimensional feel to the song. The hi-hat is not very bright, so the sound is clean, but the diffusion of particles is quite fine and clear.


The highs extend quite high, but don't feel sharp. The lows provide enough warmth and body, the sound is substantive and doesn't get spiny. Vocals are also consonantly unobtrusive and breathing is natural. If you like natural vocals, you will love this pair.


Listening to this song, Stargield seems to be a bit more acoustic. At least electric guitars and drums are not aggressive.


Elegant and panoramic sound(Choucho - "Elemental World")

Elemental World

Elemental World

The sound field is wide, with depth and width in the mid range, and on this song this earphone has good focus on vocals. Although this song originally has quite a lot of clues in the mid-high range, this earphone controls the luster moderately and lets you hear the sound image in a natural atmosphere. Sound clarity is not particularly excellent, but the sound is well localized, the sound field is wide and well separated. There is a better view with a fine lookout than an only good view.


The vocals are also natural, and they are not sticky while giving a moderate amount of gloss. There is a very clean atmosphere where the sound soars and refreshes. I personally like Choucho's vocals to be clean and relaxed, so I think this feel is good. The piano sound also gives a clear gloss, but despite the sound with a slight buoyancy, it is naturally connected to the low range, and you can feel the sinking.


Strings and other instrumental sounds rise and grow well, but overtones are not overemphasized, so they maintain a natural texture and sound elegant without being too thin.


Tight and transparent sound(Tekopikari - "Futari Shoujo")



This earphone has good detail in the high frequency range, has a natural luster, and has no tawdriness. There is enough warmth in the low range, and the sound of the contrabass has a sense of dynamism, but the sound is extended to the high range, and there is no feeling of stagnation in the midrange. The sound is well blown by the open sound field, the left and right are wide, and the view of the sound field seems good.


The vocals have a natural atmosphere and are not too sweet, so the micro details of the voice such as breathing are clear. It expresses the vocal expression of this song with a refreshing and transparent feeling quite nicely.


But noteworthy point are acoustic guitars, strings and pianos. Each sound has a real feeling, does not give too much richness, does not give too much gloss, and has a natural transparency.  On the other hand, the elasticity of the sound is clearly felt, so that the sound particles can be heard finely, even though the color is transparent.

Bright and fast(Team"Hanayamata" - "Hana ha Odore-ya Irohaniho")



In the case of this song, the vocal consonants are emphasized a little, but there is no sharpness because the air is good. In general, the bright vocal expression of this earphone seems to have a high level of delicacy at this price, but since it seems to have already mentioned enough, I will omit it here.


The point to note in this song is the rhythm. The drum kick has a solid attack, so there is no delay and the speed is agile. The lows are warm but have good visibility, and bass drum kicks and electric bass sounds are clearly heard. The kick and bass are sounds that are easy to collide with, but Starfield draws well and there is no turbidity in the rhythm.



The distinctive feature is that it has a high sense of detail while maintaining the breadth and openness of the sound field expression, and the transparency at high frequencies. If you are looking for an earphone with a wide sound field and excellent sound image localization, it will provide satisfactory quality in this price range. It is not a sound that emphasizes outlines and richness, but a clear sound with a natural atmosphere and transparency, so it is suitable for everyone. Vocal focus is good. In the mids, electric guitars are a bit regressive, so rock may be. Electric guitars are a bit regressive in the midrange, so you may like or dislike it when listening to rock.


If you want to know more about NA1, you may find what you are looking for in my Japanese review.


Moondrop Starfield

Moondrop Starfield

MoonDrop Starfield Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm Dynamic Earphone