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(News) HarmonicDyne Headphone Stand: Adjustable Height Stable Non-Slip Headphone Stand

HarmonicDyne Headphone Stand

HarmonicDyne Headphone Stand



HarmonicDyne has introduced a stylish headphone stand.



  • 2 in 1 Headphone Stand
  • Stable & Anti-Slip
  • Premium Quality
  • Height Adjustable
  • Convenient & Compatible



  • Material: stainless steel + silicone + protein skin
  • Size: 135mm*95mm*270mm
  • Weight: 335g


2 in 1 Headphone Stand

With HarmonicDyne multi-functional headphone stand, you can easily store and display your gaming headsets when not in use. Organize your desk space and upgrade your gaming setup. Ready for use whenever you need it. This product is not only a headphone stand but also a work of modern art. Both with or without the headphone, it offers a pleasant appearance from any direction.


Stable & Anti-Slip

Designed with durable construction, a silicone bottom with a low center of gravity, and high-quality material, this headphone holder is perfectly balanced and stable, keeping your headphones safe.


Premium Quality

It's made of premium stainless steel all over the body to prevent the stand from rusting and deformation, the headband part is made of a protein skin protection pad and U-shaped design to avoid the headset part from scratching in direct contact with the stand, and the precise cutting of the support frame and the base makes the use of the stand more stable, the fashionable design brings more advanced visual enjoyment.


Height Adjustable

With an adjustable design, rotating screws can freely adjust the height and easily get the best display height. Height can be adjusted from 250mm to 270mm.


Convenient & Compatible

The size of the headphone stand is about 135mm*95mm*270mm, It is super easy to bring along wherever you go - it's small, light, and most important, unique fashion style. This HarmonicDyne Stand supports most sizes of headsets.


Price & Availability

The HarmonicDyne Headphone Stand is available now at Linsoul for $59.99.


HarmonicDyne Headphone Stand

HarmonicDyne Headphone Stand

HarmonicDyne Headphone Stand