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LETSHUOER X Z Reviews Chimera IEM Upgrade Modular Cable

LETSHUOER X Z Reviews Chimera

LETSHUOER X Z Reviews Chimera


Following the success of the limited edition Z12 IEM collaboration between LETSHUOER and Zeos, We are proudly presenting you with a brand-new collaboration with Zeos from Z Reviews, presenting you all an all-new high-purity Modular IEM Upgrade Cable, the LETSHUOER X Zeos Chimera. This modular cable will come as a standard with the latest upcoming Z12 Gold Edition.


It has got a price tag of 59$ and will be available as a discount for a limited run. Check out more information over here.


Chimera improves the performance of your HiFi IEMs with its high-purity cores. The cable is made up of high-purity silver-plated single-crystal wire cores. It transmits a clean and precise audio signal with low internal resistance. The sound signal faces low impedance change and ensures the user gets pure signal transmissions with no coloration. The cable has a 128-strand configuration which makes it thick. With softer outer shielding, the cable is not hard and has a soft in-hand feel. It doesn’t tangle up easily.


LETSHUOER x Zeos Chimera cable has got standard 2-pin connectors. It is compatible with all IEMs that use 0.78mm connectors. The cable features swappable termination plugs. Users can change the termination as they require. It will include a 3.5mm single-ended, a 4.4mm balanced, and another 2.5mm balanced termination plugs in the package.


LETSHUOER X Zeos Chimera comes standard with the upcoming Z12 Gold Edition. But you can also purchase it separately from our store here.


LETSHUOER X Z Reviews Chimera

LETSHUOER X Z Reviews Chimera

LETSHUOER X Zeos Chimera