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Lafitear LM1: ElectroStatic + Dynamic Hybrid Low Price IEMs

Lafitear LM1

Lafitear LM1


Introducing the Lafitear LM1 IEMs, which are low-cost and have electrostatic drivers (possibly magnetostatic).



  • Electrostatic & Dynamic Hybrid 
  • 10mm Titanium Crystal Diaphragm
  • PC cavity imported from Germany
  • Aesthetic stainless steel diversion net



  • Frequency Response 20 Hz- -20kHz
  • Impedance 20Ω
  • Sensitivity 115 dB
  • Cable length 120cm


New configuration surging power

The newly developed electrostatic + moving coil system ensures more efficient electromagnetic conversion, further improves the full frequency response performance of the moving coil unit, and provides surging power.


Lafitear LM1


Electret electrostatic unit

The 6.8mm electret sounding unit, the electrostatic field formed by the change of the two electrode plates, the extremely thin diaphragm emits sound under the uniform driving of the electrostatic force. Compared with other sounding units of the same specification, the detail restoration is stronger and the distortion rate is lower.


Lafitear LM1


10mm titanium crystal diaphragm moving coil

This headset uses a 10mm "titanium crystal diaphragm" moving coil unit.
Titanium crystal diaphragm has excellent acoustic performance, with professional-level tuning; excellent high, medium and low frequency response, and a transparent and charming sound quality can be presented when connected to a mobile phone.


Lafitear LM1


The three-way frequency

High frequency bright, medium frequency accurate, low frequency deep;
The three-way frequency distribution is very uniform, and the overall dynamic and bright.


More details

10mm moving coil unit with titanium crystal diaphragm and 6.8mm electret electrostatic unit with the PC cavity imported from Germany, it can effectively suppress excess clutter reflection and achieve the output of pure sound. Not only is it visually crystal clear, but the sound is even more charming and mellow.


Lafitear LM1


Interchangeable cable design, unlimited sound quality upgrade

This product adopts 0.78mm 2pin interface, and deeply researches the user experience;
Easy to plug and unplug, fast to change cables, and unlimited sound quality upgrades.


Professional acoustic tuning to hear more details

Dynamic+ electrostatic (LM1) - moving coil unit (LM2)
*The below data are the measured values of Lafitear laboratory.


Lafitear LM1


Ergonomic design

This product adopts an irregular ergonomic cavity, a 45° sound outlet and a shark fin bump design, which fits the ear canal very well. The headphone cable comes with flexible over-ear hanging "memory cables". It can be freely changed to fit the auricle for a stable and comfortable fit. Fully consider wearing comfort and fit, so that you can wear it without feeling.
Shark fin bump design
45° sound mouth design


Multi-function wire control

With a stylish and simple one-button line control design,It is both beautiful and convenient for you to connect mobile phones, tablets, PC and other devices.
They are one button wire control design and work with all Android and I0S devices, tablets, PC.




Price & Availability

The Lafitear LM1 is now available at Aliexpress and other retailers for about $15.


Lafitear LM1

Lafitear LM1

Lafitear LM1