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Moondrop Launches All-New Stellaris: Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs with Newly-Developed 14.5mm Planar Driver

Moondrop Stellaris

Moondrop Stellaris


Moondrop joins the Planar bandwagon today with the launch of their highly-anticipated Stellaris Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs. Moondrop isn’t bound for any introduction among Audiophiles. The brand has been hyper-active in the industry with its class-leading range of in-ear monitors. They cover different price segments and have always been on the front with their classic approach with single Dynamic and multi-driver hybrid driver configurations. Moondrop is also known for its exclusive designer looks for its in-ear monitors. Today, they join the league of planar magnetic driver IEMs with the all-new Stellaris.


Moondrop Stellaris is launched officially for 109$, For the first 100 orders with us, we will include our Neckstrap as a free gift. Check out more information here.


Stellaris features a newly-developed 14.5mm planar magnetic driver. It utilizes a sub-nanometer diaphragm with a thickness of just 1um. The diaphragm has been stretched tightly on the bracket for uniform tension. This driver has been designed in collaboration with Tuoyin Electronics Pvt. Ltd. which is the first manufacturer in China to develop Planar drivers for in-ear monitors. Bringing together their expertise in Planar Drivers and Moondrop’s exquisite acoustic cavity structure design, Stellaris provides exceptional performance with unmatched clarity and low distortion in the output signal.


Stellaris adopts a fully symmetrical magnetic circuit that is composed of 7+7 N52H magnets precisely arranged during bold assembly. This magnetic circuit produces a powerful magnetic flux(close to 1Tesla), resulting in a cleaner output with Ultra-low harmonic distortion and higher magnetic circuit efficiency. The pair promises a spectacular sound performance with a clear response throughout a wide frequency band!!


Moondrop Stellaris inherits the design traits from the famous Starfield. The shells here have the same iridescent finish as the Starfield with astrological design elements. You get a beautiful design theme with Moon, Sun, and Stars on the face covers. Iridescent shells reflect different colors with different light angles.


Stellaris comes with a bunch of high-quality premium ear tips. The package includes newly-developed U.C.(Ultra-Clear) ear tips designed by Softears. These are made up of high-permeability liquid silicone material and provide a super comfortable wearing experience. Stellaris also includes MIS-Tip foam ear tips in the package.


Moondrop Stellaris is highly consistent with the VDSF target response based on the HRTF frequency curve. The result is an accurate sound performance with unmatched clarity and non-linear distortion in the output.  Stellaris is launched officially for just 109$, shipments will begin on Friday. The first 100 orders with us will get a Leather neck strap as a gift!!




Moondrop Stellaris

Moondrop Stellaris

Moondrop Stellaris