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(News) Open Audio Alkaid: 8 Balanced Armatures Hybrid Drivers IEM

Open Audio Alkaid

Open Audio Alkaid


Open Audio's high-quality 8BA-driver IEM, the Open Audio Alkaid, is now available at Linsoul.



  • Sonion & Knowless Balanced Armatures Hybrid Drivers
  • Lush & Lively Sound Tuning
  • Innovative New Design
  • High-Quality Stock Cable



  • Driver: 8 BA
  • Wire: 8 Core High Purify OCC


Sonion & Knowless Balanced Armatures Hybrid Drivers

Open Audio Alkaid features an eight-driver hybrid setup on each side featuring Sonion & Knowless balanced armature drivers per side. These drivers are arranged for more balanced sound for long and fatigue free listening. Achieve with more details and also higher sensitivity.



Lush & Lively Sound Tuning

OpenAudio has left no stone unturned for its flagship IEMs, Alkaid is professionally tuned and adjusted for a natural and lively sound reproduction. The pair produces exceptional clarity throughout a wide frequency response range, vocals stand out with an excellent tonality. With its professional 3-way frequency crossover, there is ultra low distortion in the output signal.



Innovative New Design

OpenAudio has crafted the stunning shells of the Alkaid IEM. Each unit of the pair undergoes a complicated process that provides it with a unique texture and an elegant finish. The brand has adjusted the shape of the cavity after a deep study on a huge data of ear canals, ensuring a comfortable and firm fit for the users worldwide.



High-Quality Stock Cable

Open Audio Alkaid comes bundled with a brand-new high-quality cable. It is an 8core high purify OCC cable. The cable optimizes the sound performance and ensures an authentic experience for the users.





Price & Availability

Open Audio Alkaid is now available from Linsoul for $935.


Open Audio Alkaid

Open Audio Alkaid

Open Audio Alkaid