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(News) See Audio Yume Ultra 1DD+2BA Hybrid IEMs: Four Upgrades With The All-New Yume Ultra

See Audio Yume Ultra

See Audio Yume Ultra


See Audio Yume is a highly celebrated series of multi-driver hybrid IEMs. The OG Yume marked the entry of See Audio in the international market. After that See Audio has never looked back. Since the OG Yume, every product in the series has been a success including the recently launched Yume 2. See Audio has now introduced a brand new product to the series, let’s welcome the See Audio Yume Ultra. The Yume Ultra still boasts the same driver configuration featuring a powerful dynamic driver unit and two high-performance Balanced armature drivers on each side, but they bring multiple updates to the series. First off, we have got a new dynamic driver unit with a Titanium-plated diaphragm, secondly, we have newer looks, thirdly new cable, and last but not least an adjusted tuning with clear, refined sound and lovely vocal clarity!!


See Audio Yume Ultra-1


See Audio Yume Ultra is introduced for an attractive price tag of 219$. You can check out more information here. Let’s check out more about the updates with the Yume Ultra.


New Upgraded Dynamic Driver With Titanium-plated Diaphragm

The biggest upgrade on the all-new Yume Ultra is the brand-new dynamic driver unit. The pair as we all know features an identical driver configuration as the previous Yume models housing a dynamic driver unit and dual BA drivers. See Audio has upgraded the dynamic driver unit here with a premium titanium-plated diaphragm coil. It enhances the lower-end performance with a cleaner more refined presentation. The pair has less bass distortion and high-resolution clarity in the lower end presenting a tight bass response that complements the other frequencies well.


See Audio Yume Ultra-2


Gorgeous New Design With Glittery Multi-Colored Shells

Yume Ultra has got high-quality skin-friendly medical-grade resin material ear shells. They have a stunningly beautiful design with glittery face covers. The face covers have multicolored glittery patterns greatly enhancing the beauty of the ear shells. See Audio has crafted the Yume Ultra with a high-precision 3D printing process. The shells are not only stunning to look at, they have an ergonomic shape and lightweight design which makes the pair easier and more comfortable on the ears.


See Audio Yume Ultra-3


New Upgraded Modular Cable

For the first time in the Yume Series, See Audio has bundled the pair with a high-quality 6N OFC Silver-plated modular cable. The modular cable has a replaceable termination plug with 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm plugs included in the package. High-Purity core material promises enhanced sound performance with a smooth signal transmission that gets low resistance during transmission.


See Audio Yume Ultra-5


Readjusted Tuning For Cleaner Sound Response

See Audio has improved the dynamic driver unit here and they have also readjusted the tuning of the Yume Ultra for a cleaner, more accurate sound presentation. The pair has a well-extended treble response to maintain transparency. Overall the tuning adjustments have made the pair sound cleaner, tighter, and smoother than ever before. The Yume Ultra has a high sensitivity and easy driveability design. This makes it easy to enjoy high-resolution audio with any given audio source even with your smartphone.


See Audio Yume Ultra-4



Yume In an All-New Avatar, Available Now

Yume Ultra is a redesigned variant of the OG Yume. Now we all know how much love the Yume got from the community. The idea of Yume Ultra is to watch over the feedback provided by the users on previous Yume products and enhance their listening experience. We also get stunning new ear shells as well!! See Audio Yume Ultra is launched officially for 219$, feel free to check out more details here.


See Audio Yume Ultra

See Audio Yume Ultra

See Audio Yume Ultra