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Shanling UP4 2022: Full format balanced Dual ES9219C DAC Bluetooth 5.0 decoded Headphone Amplifier

Shanling UP4 2022

Shanling UP4 2022


The popular Shanling UP4 portable headphone amplifier is now available in a 2022 model.



  • The continuation of Shanlings design classics and long battery life
  • Dual ES9219C DAC
  • Bluetooth 5.0+2.5mm/3.5mm Adaptations
  • Multiple modes
  • Multiple functions with easy control
  • Smart and convenient APP Control
  • Qualcomm CSR8675



  • Single-ended output
    • Output Power: 175V/32Ω(100mW/32)(Dual DAC Mode)
    • 1.51V/32(71mW/32Ω)(High Gain Mode)
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz(-0.7dB)
    • THD+N: 0.002%(A-W/1V/32Q)
    • Channel Separation: 71dB/32Q
    • Signal-to-noise ratio: 119dB
    • Noise Floor: 114dB(High Gain Mode)
    • Output Impedance: < 1Ω
  • Balanced output
    • Output Power: 23V/32Ω(165mW/32Ω)
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz(-0.7dB)
    • THD+N: 0.0018%(A-W/1V/32Q)
    • Channel Separation: 92dB/32Ω


The continuation of Shanlings design classics and long battery life

UP4 2022 continues the classic design of the Shanling family with simple lines, light and thin volume,fresh and moisturizing elegant and pure body with golden rollers in laid in it adding dignity to the elegance of the Shanling family gently rotating enjoy a great listening experience. UP4 2022 comes standard with Shanling’s second generation independent back clip,with increased thickness and improved toughness so you can take care of your UP4 360 degrees. UP4 2022 is equipped with a large 540 mAh battery,charging for 2 hours, listening for a whole day about 300 hours long standby, guarding your HiFi journey.


Dual ES9219C DAC

The UP4 2022 is equipped with two deeply developed ES9219C chips as the core DAC.The heat generation is stably controlled while the power consumption is low.The resolution and restoration power are convincing,and the strong output power presents excellent warm sound quality.


Bluetooth 5.0+2.5mm/3.5mm Adaptations

UP4 2022 adopts Bluetooth 5.0version supports LDAC/LHDC/aptX HD/aptX LL/aptX/AAC/SBC full-format Bluetooth encoding protocol provides stable and smooth Bluetooth transmission,and bid fare well to delay.The corresponding lights are different under different protocols and you can enjoy a free and intelligent experience. The UP4 2022 is equipped with a 2.5+3.5 mm dual interface In the balanced output mode, the dual ES9219C DAC burst out synchronously, and the left and right separation, sound field performance, and signal output are getting better and better. UP4 2022 is equipped with mainstream Type-c usB interface, supports USB DAC, mobile phone, computer, tablet, TV, car audio and other equipment, easy to connect.


Multiple modes

High-gain, low-gain, dual DAC booster switch freely, two built-in filters, and explore the good news in multiple modes. Choose different digital filters,ES9219C DAC will use different algorithms for digital-to-analog conversion and the sound will be slightly different.Compared with an EO equalizer, it can give us a different sound experience without causing distortion.


Multiple functions with easy control

If you want to stimulate the huge potential of the headset, you only need to press MODE to easily wake up the dual DAC boost mode. In the single-ended state, the dual ES9219C DAC chips operate at the same time. Under the premise of low noise and strong resolution, the thrust soars to100mW/320. The same powerful balanced thrust can be as high as 165mW/32Ω. UP4 2022 has built-in NFC function, and the connection is completed with a single touch. UP4 2022 has built-in Knowles SiSonic high-quality audio microphone,new cVc 8.0 call noise reduction technology, intelligent filtering of ambient noise and call echo,and voice calls are more high-definition.


Smart and convenient APP Control

The UP4 can be easily controlled remotely through the dedicated Eddict Player APP on the mobile phone.Not only supports more than ten operations such as Bluetooth format switching,channel EQ settings,volume fine-tuning,single/dual DAC switching,but also direct OTA upgrade.


Qualcomm CSR8675

UP4 2022 selects the flagship Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip in the SoC series, which integrates active noise reduction, low-power 120MHz DSP,24bit audio processing and other functions, stable and high-quality audio transmission, and defends the pure sense of hearing. Active noise reduction, low power consumption.



When the UP4 is connected to the mobile phone but not used for more than 2 minutes, it will enter the low-power standby mode. Standby mode(300 hours) Tap the power button once to put the UP4 into working state. The battery life is tested in the laboratory state(using SBC encoding format),and the data will fluctuate due to the battery life,file type(the higher the specification,the shorter the battery life and other factors. UP4 Bluetooth headphone power amplifier will turn on red light on the screen when charging and turn on green light when fully charged After connecting with the computer through the USB cable, press and hold 3s to power on, you can enter the USB-DAC mode. Bluetooth signal may be affected by factors such as obstacles or WiFi wireless signal. Please refer to the manual for detailed operation functions.


Price & Availability

Shanling UP4 2022 is available at Linsoul and others for $119.99.


Shanling UP4 2022

Shanling UP4 2022
Shanling UP4 2022