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(News) Audiophiles will love it! Fully customizable with modular system! "Smabat Proto 1.0" earphones allow us to create our own unique sound!

Smabat Proto 1.0

Smabat Proto 1.0


Smabat has announced the Smabat Proto 1.0, an ambitious earphone with modular features. The drivers and nozzles of these earphones are modular, allowing users to customize the sound quality by freely combining several options.


This is a metamorphosis earphone that earphone lovers will love.




  • impedance: 16Ω
  • Sensitivity: 110dB/mW
  • Frequency range: 10Hz to 22kHz
  • Adapter: mmcx


Smabat Proto 1.0


Specially designed for earphone enthusiasts

The structure of the Smabat Proto 1.0 is completely modular, allowing for easy disassembly and maintenance.

  • Control treble damping
  • Bass control damping
  • Earphone main body
  • Drive unit module
  • Acoustic sealing ring
  • Rear cavity breathable cover


Classic A/B cavity acoustic structure

The Smabat Proto 1.0 uses the A/B cavity method, which is the current mainstream method.


Smabat Proto 1.0


Easily change the core of the sound

The damper part can be easily maintained, and the internal unit can be easily changed like a DIY project.


Additional driver units will probably be available in the future. In addition, the official account on the Chinese forum has provided information that the driver units for the previously sold Smabat M0 and M2s are not compatible and cannot be used.


Smabat Proto 1.0


Modular upgrade system

The driver unit, low frequency control unit, and high frequency control unit are customizable.


Smabat Proto 1.0


With the following data provided by Smabat, users can check the tendency of sound quality change and tune the sound to their liking. If the user feels insufficient volume in the low frequency range or stinging in the high frequency range, they can customize the sound to their liking.


Smabat Proto 1.0


Smabat proposes "Hi-Fi 2.0". It is an experience in which the user creates the sound

What Smabat is aiming for with Proto 1.0 is clear. It's going to be a product that will be launched based on Smabat's "Hi-Fi 2.0" philosophy, where the user controls the music experience according to their own preferences.


It's going to be quite an interesting product, what do you think?


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