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(News) Topping LA90: Ultra-high Performance Power Amplifier

Topping LA90

Topping LA90


Topping, a very popular desktop audio brand, has released the Topping LA90, a power amplifier with the highest class output.



  • Linear Amplifier
  • Low distortion at high output
  • High-precision CNC-machined all-aluminum housing for beautiful appearance




Interface & I/O


Linear Amplifier

The LA90 reaches new levels of purity and accuracy. The unprecedented level of performance makes the sound quality absolutely astounding. Backgrounds do not get any darker than this. It does not get any clearer.



Low distortion even at high output

The typical THD + N of the LA90 is 0.00007% @ 8Ω10W and 0.00008% @ 4Ω220W. This is as low as already excellent DACs. This means more accurate reproduction of music sources; the LA90 has a very wide operating range with low distortion under load. Even with the commonly used 4Ω load 1W-60W output and 8Ω load 1W-40W output, the LA90 can control distortion around 0.0001%.



Beautiful appearance with high-precision CNC-machined all-aluminum housing

The LA90 features a high-precision CNC-machined all-aluminum housing that provides exquisite detail and robust protection for the product. A large built-in heat sink provides reliable and rapid heat dissipation to the LA90's amplifier circuitry.



Volume Bypass Function

The LA90 can be set to control the volume on the LA90 or to bypass the LA90's volume control, allowing the preamplifier to excel in volume control. This is especially useful when synchronizing the volume of two LA90s in mono mode.



Excellent with the Pre90

For purely power amp use, we recommend pairing with the Pre90 preamp. The Pre90 brings better volume control, remote control, and more inputs, making it easy to achieve the high output combination of 1x Pre90 +2xLA90.



Price & Availability

Topping LA90 is now available on amazon and other retailers for $899.


Topping LA90

Topping LA90

Topping LA90