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Six Upgrades With Topping L30 II Headphone Amplifier: Topping L30 II Vs L30

Topping L30 II

Topping L30 II


Last week, Topping released an upgrade to its widely acclaimed L30 headphone amplifier with the announcement of the all-new Topping L30 II headphone amplifier. If we believe Topping’s words, They have completely redesigned the NFCA module of the L30 and featured a more powerful and cleaner NFCA module on the latest L30 II. With the help of this new improved NFCA module, the Topping L30 II achieves lower distortion ratings, provides almost double the power, and brings drastic improvements to the original L30 headphone amplifier. Today, we are bringing you the Six upgrades with the latest L30 II over the OG L30 which makes it an ideal choice for a headphone amplifier today.


Topping needs no introduction among the audio enthusiasts. They cater to the requirements of both casual as well as serious audiophiles with their huge catalog of HiFi audio gears primarily dealing in desktop-grade products. L30 II is their latest budget headphone amplifier that features their in-house developed NFCA(Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) module. You can find out more information about the L30 II over here. Let’s begin with today’s blogs.


Completely Revamped NFCA Circuit

Topping has redeveloped their famous NFCA module for the L30 II. NFCA stands for Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier module. Topping has featured this in almost all of their latest-generation desktop headphone amplifier. With a redesigned architecture, L30 II achieves high output power and clean output with low THD+N distortion ratings. It brings an all-new experience for the users with a powerful, clean, and precise headphone output.


Higher Output Power

Topping L30 II holds lots and lots of power. It outputs about 3.5W of clean output power at 16Ω of impedance load. At high-impedance ratings like 300Ω, Topping L30 II still provides about 560mW of output power which is more than adequate to drive most headphones out there. The output power of L30 II is twice that of the L30. L30 had 280mW output power rating at 300Ω of load which is now doubled on the L30 II.


Readjusted Gain Values

The redesigned NFCA module has also brought changes to the output gain levels. Similar to the OG L30, the L30 II features a three-level gain mode but the values have been adjusted for better results. The original L30 used to have -9.9dB/0dB/9.5dB gain adjustment values, which have now increased on the L30 II to -14dB/0dB/16.5dB. This is a huge change in the gain amounts that enables better pairing for sensitive and high-power requiring IEMs/Headphones with the L30 II.


Cleaner Output With Lower Harmonic Distortion

Topping L30 II outperforms its predecessor with a cleaner presentation. The output has a lower total harmonic distortion rating of 0.00006% while the OG L30 had a THD+N rating of 0.00007% resulting in a cleaner output.


Improved Dynamic Range

Topping has improved the dynamic range of output from the L30 II Headphone amplifier. The L30 II gets a dynamic range rating of 144dB improving over the 141dB dynamic range from OG L30.


Higher Output Voltage

With Higher output current, the Topping L30 II also brings improvements in the output voltage over the predecessor model. The L30 II outputs 37Vpp of output voltage while the OG L30 had a 26Vpp output voltage rating. This increase in output voltage results in a better driving force for demanding headphones.


Final Words

Topping L30 II is a great upgrade to Topping’s lineup. With its redesigned NFCA module, the L30 II brings drastic improvements in the overall performance of the headphone amplifier with better dynamic range, powerful output, improved distortion ratings, and higher output voltage. Topping has made sure, the L30 II pairs well with both demanding as well as sensitive Headphones!! You can check out more information about the L30 II here.


 Topping L30 II

Topping L30 II

Topping L30 II