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(News) HiFi dynamic driver Chinese IEM "HZSOUND Waist Drum" released.

HZSOUND Waist Drum

HZSOUND Waist Drum


HZSOUND, a very popular Chinese Audio brand, has released its latest Chinese earphones with dynamic drivers, the HZSOUND Waist Drum.



  • Concept inspired by traditional musical instruments
  • Beautiful mirror finish in stainless steel
  • Unique balance hole design
  • Polymer composite diaphragm
  • L-shaped plug design




Design Concept

Waist drum has a long history, one of the traditional pounding membrane musical instruments of Han Chinese. The modern waist drum [thick middle part] evolved from the ancient waist drum [thin middle part), starting with a crisp sound, widely circulated in folklore. The Ansai Waist Drum of Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province, with its majestic momentum, shows the simple and heroic character of the peasants of the northwest Loess Plateau and promotes its unique artistry. on May 20, 2006, the Ansai Waist Drum was approved by the State Council to be included in the first batch of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List.



Stainless Steel - Mirror Finish

The Waist drum is a perfect combination of traditional musical instrument + modern craftsmanship. The cavity is made of 304 stainless steel, which has high hardness and is difficult to process, so the cost is high. Usually only high-end headphones use this material.After CNC high-precision cutting and manual grinding and polishing by skilled masters, the surface of each product is as bright as a mirror.



Unique Balanced Holes Design

The unique balance hole design of the rear cavity is beneficial to reduce the multiple reflections of sound waves in the room, making the sound cleaner.



Polymer Composite Diaphragm

Using 06mm dynamic driver unit, polymer composite diaphragm, equipped with high-performance rubidium iron boron magnet, CCZW sound map etc., high standard materials. Finally a very satisfactory sound is obtained after repeated careful listening and comparison of test data for tuning.



L-shaped Plug Design

The L-shaped plug is not easy to poorly contact for long time use, actually, it's more durable than straight plug with longer life. The splitter and slide chin use aviation aluminum alloy material, showing a bright silver appearance.



Price & Availability

The HZSOUND Waist Drum is available now at HiFiGO and other retailers for $38.99.


HZSOUND Waist Drum
HZSOUND Waist Drum