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(Chi-fi IEM Review) Yu9 U-556: Excellent Etymotic clone that overcomes the weaknesses of the ER4B and offers a more natural texture

The Yu9 U-556 is an Etymotic-like IEMs with excellent textural expression and has a sound that beats the original ER4B in that it is more accurate in the midrange. For more purist Etymotic fans, I recommend the U-554, but for those seeking…

(News) Astrotec AM850 MK2:Wired LCP Diaphragm In-Ear Monitor with Tuning Nozzles

Astrotec introduces the Astrotec AM850 MK2, an IEM with a high-quality LCP diaphragm from Astrotec.

(News) Rose QT9 MK2S: 1DD+4BA Hi-Fi Audiophile Flagship IEMs

Rose's latest hybrid IEM, the Rose QT9 Mk2S, is now available.

(News) Musiland 09 Mark III: Headphone Amplifier Digital Audio Decoder

Musiland has released its latest digital portable headphone amplifier, the Musiland 09 Mark III.

(News) BGVP Announces DX6: Flagship-Grade Flat-Head Earbuds With a Large 14.2mm DD

BGVP is a well-known HiFi audio equipment brand from China. They specialize in the design and marketing of premium in-ear monitors and earbuds. Today, we are here to announce the launch of their brand new set of earbuds, the BGVP DX6. BGVP…

(News) Yanyin Aladdin, hybrid Chi-fi IEMs now available at Linsoul

Yanyin's 3BA +1DD Hybrid Drivers HiFi IEMs Yanyin Aladdin are quietly gaining popularity among audiophiles, and Linsoul is now carrying them.

(News) Yanyin Rosemary, hybrid Chi-fi IEMs with tuning switch, now available at Linsoul

Yanyin's Chi-fi IEMs with tuning switches, Yanyin Rosemary, are quietly gaining popularity among audiophiles, and Linsoul is now carrying them.

(News) Yanyin Canon, hybrid Chi-fi IEMs with tuning switch, now available at Linsoul

Yanyin's Chi-fi IEMs with tuning switches, Yanyin Canon, are quietly gaining popularity among audiophiles, and Linsoul is now carrying them.

(News) Yanyin Moonlight, the latest electrostatic hybrid IEM, now available at HiFiGO

Yanyin's newest flagship model, Yanyin Moonlight, a Chi-fi IEM that is quietly gaining popularity among audiophiles, is now available at HiFiGO.

(News) Matrix Element Second-Generation All-In-One Devices: Innovative 3.46" Touchscreen Display

With the latest second-generation of Matrix Element devices, we are getting a unique and innovative touch screen. One can fully access entire features of the device using a large 3.46” touch screen display available at the front. It is fea…

(News) Aune X8 XVIII Anniversary Edition BT Magic Desktop DAC

AUNE Audio is a famous brand from Shenzhen China, they specialize in premium HiFi desktop gears such as audio decoders, headphone amplifiers, digital clocks, etc. Today, Aune has released their latest special edition variant for the well-k…

(News) YANYIN MOONLIGHT EST: 2EST + 4BA + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid IEM

Yanyin Moonlight EST, an electrostatic + 4BA + 1DD hybrid driver IEM, is now available from Yanyin.

(News) Digital Audio Player "iBasso DX320" with DAC chip made by ROHM is now available!

iBasso is pleased to announce its newest digital audio player, the iBasso DX320. It is equipped with the ROHM DAC chip, the most notable DAC chip in the market today.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Yu9 U-554: A well-made etymotic clone. An alternative to ER4B. Recommended for vocal songs and ASMR

The Yu9 U-554 is a well-made clone of the Etymotic Research ER4B. It has an improved fit, improved usability, and definitely better value for money than the original. The packaging is not cheap either.

(IEM Review) Campfire Audio DORADO 2020: Hot, live, dry sound

The Campfire Audio DORADO 2020 have a distinctive, hot, powerful sound. The low saturation, dry sound, and lack of midrange transparency are not really audiophile-friendly, but if you like a gray, classy-sounding ambience, it's not bad.

(News) Open Audio Alkaid: 8 Balanced Armatures Hybrid Drivers IEM

Open Audio's high-quality 8BA-driver IEM, the Open Audio Alkaid, is now available at Linsoul.

(News) Audirect Atom Mini: ES9280AC PRO Chip HiFi Portable USB DAC Amplifier

Audirect has released the Audirect Atom Mini, a small dongle amplifier.

(News) TRN TA1 Max: Four Upgrades Over the TA1

TRN has released its latest dual-driver hybrid IEMs, the TRN TA1 Max. The TA1 Max comes as an upgrade to the TA1 that was released a few months back and grabbed a lot of love from the community. TRN has brought several new upgrades to the …

(News) KZ EDX Ultra: Professional Hi-Fi 10mm Dual Magnetic Dynamic Earphone

KZ has released the latest model in its popular EDX series, the KZ EDX Ultra.

(News) Matrix Element X2 Hybrid Volume Mode: Bringing Us Both Digital & Analog Volume Controls Under The Same Shell

The flagship Element X2 is loaded with class-leading features such as a flagship DAC chipset, an eight-channel balanced amplification circuit, and many more. Among all its advanced features, we have got the Hyper Volume Control. Here they …

(Review Round Up) Moondrop NEKOCAKE

This is a summary round up of the Moondrop NEKOCAKE true wireless earbuds review article by Moondrop.

(News) KBEAR INK: Latest Single Dynamic Driver IEMs with New DLC Diaphragm

With years of experience in designing single driver premium Hi-Res IEMs, KBEAR has come up with a brand new pair, the KBEAR INK.

(News) Softears Unveils Brand New Turii Titanium Single Dynamic Driver IEMs

There are plenty of new upgrades that we get with the Softears Turii Titanium starting with their shell material. The OF Turii had minimalistic-looking black ear shells, but the special edition has got high-quality Titanium alloy shells. S…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Moondrop CHU: The entry class IEMs of uncompromising brands is a bit different

Moondrop CHU is an entry-level Chinese earphone that could be called a "KATO the Younger," created with the knowledge gained from KATO. While the quality is kept in line with the price, the development results obtained from the latest mode…

(News) THIEAUDIO Elixir: 3-Dimensional Velocity Transducer Diaphragm Dynamic Driver IEMs

The popular Chinese IEM brand "ThieAudio" has released the IEMs "THIEAUDIO Elixir" equipped with a newly developed dynamic driver.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) KZ EDA Green: High resolution and high definition. Excellent monitor earphones

The KZ EDA (green) is an excellent neutral studio monitor, capable of rendering the entire musical picture clearly and crisply. It is not for those who are sensitive to high frequencies, those who want thickness in the midrange, or those w…

(News) Penon Totem: Low-cost type-C dongle amplifier

Penon Audio has released its latest dongle headphone amplifier, the Penon Totem.

(News) TRN BT3S pro: Bluetooth Neck-type Replaceable Bluetooth Upgrade Cable

TRN has released its latest Bluetooth re-cable, the TRN BT3S pro.

(News) Topping LA90: Ultra-high Performance Power Amplifier

Topping, a very popular desktop audio brand, has released the Topping LA90, a power amplifier with the highest class output.

(News) CCA CRA+: A popular model that has evolved further

KZ's sub-brand CCA is back with a brushed-up version of its very popular model. CCA CRA+ has been released.