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An audio review & news blog. The volume should not exceed 80 dB is recommended. I usually adhere to the safe-listening style by WHO. Please note that my aural impressions and interpretations of measurements are also made from a safe-listening style.


(Column) A research on the impact of earphone cables on sound quality conducted using TRN MT1 MAX

Does changing earphone cables really change the sound? I report on the results of our investigation, which probed the question of how much the act of replacing IEM cables affects the overall sound quality.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) TRN Rosefinch: TRN Brings a New Era to Planar Drive IEMs

TRN Rosefinch represents a completely new step forward for TRN in the field of planar-drive earphones. With its well-defined high frequencies, carefully tuned and consistent sound design, high transparency, and above all, ultra-high-end re…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) TRN TA3: Dynamic and fun sound that is a continuation of the VX lineage. The package contents are also gorgeous!

TRN TA3 IEMs offer a dynamic and exhilarating sound with a wide midrange. The basic sound line is inherited from the popular TRN VX series, but it is more dynamically oriented than the VX Pro in pursuit of a more enjoyable sound.

TRN Rosefinch: Brand New IEMs With 12mm Full-Frequency Planar Magnetic Driver

TRN Audio is quite an active brand in the budget segment of in-ear monitors. Every month they are out there with new and updated products. Their products have a good price-to-performance ratio as well, delivering quality sound with a solid…

TRN Launches TA3: Brand New 2DD+1BA Hybrid IEMs

Whenever we see a hybrid driver configuration in an IEM our eyes beam up with the thought that wonderful sound that awaits for us with the set. Today, we have launched the all-new TRN TA3 which boasts excellent sound characteristics with i…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) TRN MT4: Good original sound fidelity. Mild and pleasing sound to the ear

The TRN MT4 has excellent transparency, high original fidelity, and a mild, pleasing sound to the ear.

TRN MT4 Latest Dual Dynamic Driver IEMs

2023 has started with a range of new dual-dynamic driver IEMs. We just announced the release of the amazing TRI Star River, and here we have brought you another dual dynamic driver IEM, meet the all-new TRN MT4. TRN has always focused stra…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) TRN XuanWu: With deep, heavy bass and calm, atmospheric dark midrange

The TRN XuanWu is an IEMs with a massive, deep low frequency range and a chic, classy, dark-sounding midrange.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) TRN MT3: Bright, brilliant, detailed sound. Beautiful appearance of the earphones.

The TRN MT3 is an earphone with a bright, detailed feel and a good sound balance that combines excellent localization and texture. The exterior design is also very good, and the build quality will bring you more satisfaction than the price.

TRN XuanWu: 10mm Planar Magnetic & Customized Balanced Armature Driver IEMS

TRN has released its latest planar magnetic and BA hybrid IEM, the TRN XuanWu.

TRN MT3: Titanium-Coated 10mm Dynamic Driver New-Silicone Ear-Tips In-Ear Earphones

TRN has released its latest dynamic driver IEM, the TRN MT3.

TRN EMX: New Flagship Audiophile dynamic driver Flat head Earphones

The new intraconcave TRN EMX earphones have been released.

TRN Releases ST-5: Five-Driver Hybrid Set Of Premium IEMs

TRN has released a brand new set of reference-grade IEMs, meet the all-new TRN ST5. TRN has got a big catalog of pocket-friendly IEMs that are usually appreciated for their quality performance and attractive price tags. The latest ST-5 fea…

(News) TRN Kirin: Nano-grade Planar Magnetic Driver IEMS

Planar-driver IEMs TRN Kirin have been released.

(News) TRN TA1 Max: Four Upgrades Over the TA1

TRN has released its latest dual-driver hybrid IEMs, the TRN TA1 Max. The TA1 Max comes as an upgrade to the TA1 that was released a few months back and grabbed a lot of love from the community. TRN has brought several new upgrades to the …

(News) TRN BT3S pro: Bluetooth Neck-type Replaceable Bluetooth Upgrade Cable

TRN has released its latest Bluetooth re-cable, the TRN BT3S pro.

(News) TRN T3 Pro: Pure Silver Premium Upgrade Cable

TRN has released the TRN T3 Pro, a plug-in modular silver earphone cable.

(News) TRN BAX: BA+1DD+2EST hybrid type new flagship IEM

TRN has released the TRN BAX, the company's flagship hybrid IEMs.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) TRN TA2: Not bad if you like a dense, warm sound, but it's a non-mainstream sound in TRN.

The TRN TA2 has a narrow V-shaped sound that is focused in the midrange. The sound image is slightly condensed in the front, making it easy to understand the overall picture of the music, but also making it sound cramped. The mid-range is …

(News) TRN VX Pro, the long-awaited second release from the popular VX series

TRN has released the TRN VX Pro, its latest in-ear monitors with hybrid drivers, the second in the popular VX series.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) TRN X7: Simply poor resolution and unpleasant sound.

Well, TRN recently came out with a product in the $100 range called the TRN X7. I received a review unit of it and upon first listen I realized how terrible it sounded, so this article is going to be really depressing.