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(Chi-fi IEM Review) FloAudio Lily: Vocalist IEMs with rich, full-sounding vocals... hiding a true monitor-like sound behind that. IEMs with a lot of fun for the enthusiast

The FloAudio Lily have a balanced, near-neutral sound signature and are expected to have a monitor-like sound balance with high resolution.

Shanling EC3: Top-Loading ES9219C DAC Chip Compact Hi-Fi CD Player

Shanling has released the Shanling EC3 CD player with high-end specifications.

(Linsoul) Linsoul × iForce Chronos Metaverse Headphones Kickstarter Campaign and Giveaway

The iForce Chronos is a premium professional-grade headphones designed to bring the most immersive augmented audio experience to your games, movies, music, and virtual reality. It has finished the testing process and will be put into mass …

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Kiwi Ears Cadenza: Good quality listening IEMs with deep lows, transparent and glossy mids, and smooth highs

Kiwi Ears Cadenza is a well-balanced earphones in terms of sound, with sufficiently deep lows, smooth and pleasing highs, and mellow, glossy-sounding mids.

Moondrop Venus: 100mm Sub-Nanometer Dynamic Driver Planar Full-Size Headphones

Moondrop has released the brand's first planar-drive headphones, Moondrp Venus.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) QKZ x HBB: Mellow, low-frequency-leaning, midrange-full sound

The QKZ x HBB earphones have a beautiful sound with sufficiently deep bass, good high-frequency extension, and mellow midrange.

Moondrop Venus: All-New Full-Size Planar Magnetic Over-Ear Headphones

Planar Magnetic Drivers are widely used in full-sized over-ear headphones. They deliver high-speed quality performance with ultra-low distortion in the output signal. Moondrop has joined hands with the Planar magnetic team, Bringing us the…

Linsoul Euphrosyne MKII: New Silver Plated Litz type 6 Upgrade Cable

Linsoul has released a new earphone upgrade cable, the Linsoul Euphrosyne MKII.

Effect Audio Introduces Heritage Series Cleopatra II High-End UP-OCC Premium IEM Upgrade Cable

Effect Audio is a premium high-end IEM and IEM upgrade cable brand based out of Singapore. They have a wide range of premium upgrade cables specially handcrafted for premium in-ear monitors. Today, we are officially launching their Heritag…

DUNU Titan S Gets All-New Sandstone Black Color Variant!!

DUNU Titan S is among the most celebrated single dynamic driver IEMs under the 100$ price category. Titan S has been a default recommendation for many audio reviewers from all around the globe. Today, DUNU has introduced an all-new color c…

SMSL C100: High-Tech AK4493S DAC Chip USB MQA Audio Decoder

SMSL has released the SMSL C100, a high cost-performance DAC with the latest configuration.

Trettitre TreSound 1: Majestic Mountain Design Portable Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker

The Trettitre TreSound 1 wireless speaker, with its unique and elegant mountain design, is now available.

FloAudio Lily: Full-range BA in-ear monitors

FloAudio has released the FloAudio Lily, a full-range 1BA in-ear monitor.

Custom Art Fibae 5: 1 DD+2 BA + 2 Planar Magnetic HiFi Tribrid Drivers Earphones

High-end tribrid IEMs, Custom Art Fibae 5, are now available.