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(News) S.M.S.L HO200, the latest headphone amplifier released, almost a perfect competitor to the Topping A90.

A few days ago, S.M.S.L released a new headphone amplifier, the S.M.S.L HO200. It appears to be the higher-end model of the recently released SH-8s. However, it does not appear to be a THX AAA amplifier like the SP200 and SH-9. It appears …

(News) Introducing the Shanling EM5, a Desktop streaming DAC/AMP

Shanling is focusing on music streaming based on the industry standard UPnP with the EM5. the Shanling EM5 Streaming DAC/AMP is designed as a DLNA certified streaming client. In addition, it also supports Apple AirPlay to access a wide ran…