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S.M.S.L Welcomes New M500 MK III Desktop All-in-One DAC AMP: M500 MK III vs M500 MK II vs M500

S.M.S.L is a premium Hifi audio gear brand from China. They have a huge catalog of premium desktop audio gears including audio decoders, headphone amplifiers, all-in-one decoders and amplifiers, etc. S.M.S.L M500 is a highly celebrated all…

Shanling MG800 Latest Flagship Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With Titanium Shells

In the huge catalog of products that Shanling offers, the recently launched “MG” series is dedicated to the design and development of premium single dynamic driver IEMs. The series was introduced earlier this year with the release of “MG60…

Yanyin x HBB Mahina: 2EST + 4BA + 1DD Tribrid Monitor

Introducing the newest hybrid driver IEMs "Yanyin x HBB Mahina".

Shanling M6 Ultra: Latest Portable Digital Audio Player With Quad AK4493SEQ DACs

Shanling Audio is a well-recognized brand in the HiFi audio industry. They are an old player dealing in all kinds of HiFi audio gears including in-ear monitors, digital audio players, and more. Today, Shanling officially launches its lates…

(News) Softears Twilight: Latest Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With Unique Twisted Shell Design

In a short span of time, Softears has got a good reputation in the audiophile community. The brand which is said to share the design and research team with Moondrop has always focused on delivering premium in-ear monitors. Whether it be th…

(News) Oriolus Releases Szalayi: Triple Driver Hybrid IEM With Planar Magnetic Driver

Oriolus is a well-reputed HiFi audio gear brand from Japan. The brand has released several successful premium in-ear monitors in the market including the single dynamic driver Isabellae and the multi-driver ultimate flagship Tralli. Today,…

(News) Topping Releases DM7: ES9038 Pro Based Flagship Multi-Channel Desktop DAC

Over the years, Topping has emerged itself as manufacturer of premium, high-performance desktop audio gears. They have released many successful products that cover most segments including desktop DACs, Headphone amplifiers, Power Amplifier…

(News) Leisurely Audio L12: HiFi BA In-ear Monitor Earphones Noise Reduction for HIFI Audiophile Musician

Leisurely Audio L12 is now available at Linsoul.

(News) Topping Announces A90 Discrete Headphone Amplifier & Pre-Amplifier

Topping has made a big name for itself in the desktop audio scene. The brand is regularly praised for its great sounding desktop gears available at almost every price segment. They start at entry-level products and goes as high as flagship…

(News) QoA Margarita: 2 Sonions EST + 1BA + 7mm DD IEMs

QOA has released its flagship IEM, QOA Margarita.

(News) HarmonicDyne G200: High Performance Planar Driver Headphones

The HarmonicDyne G200 planar-drive headphones have been released.

(News) Topping Releases "D90LE": Flagship Desktop DAC With ES9038Pro DAC Chip

Topping D90 flagship Desktop DAC has got a new model today, the all-new Topping D90LE. D90LE is going to be the second iteration of the famous D90 DAC along with the D90SE which is also available simultaneously. The only difference between…

(News) Yanyin Rosemary, hybrid Chi-fi IEMs with tuning switch, now available at Linsoul

Yanyin's Chi-fi IEMs with tuning switches, Yanyin Rosemary, are quietly gaining popularity among audiophiles, and Linsoul is now carrying them.

(News) Yanyin Moonlight, the latest electrostatic hybrid IEM, now available at HiFiGO

Yanyin's newest flagship model, Yanyin Moonlight, a Chi-fi IEM that is quietly gaining popularity among audiophiles, is now available at HiFiGO.

(News) YANYIN MOONLIGHT EST: 2EST + 4BA + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid IEM

Yanyin Moonlight EST, an electrostatic + 4BA + 1DD hybrid driver IEM, is now available from Yanyin.

(IEM Review) Campfire Audio DORADO 2020: Hot, live, dry sound

The Campfire Audio DORADO 2020 have a distinctive, hot, powerful sound. The low saturation, dry sound, and lack of midrange transparency are not really audiophile-friendly, but if you like a gray, classy-sounding ambience, it's not bad.

(News) Topping LA90: Ultra-high Performance Power Amplifier

Topping, a very popular desktop audio brand, has released the Topping LA90, a power amplifier with the highest class output.

(News) Shanling MG600: 10mm Aluminium/Magnesium Dynamic Driver IEMs

Shanling has released its latest dynamic driver IEM, the Shanling MG600.

(News) DAART Yulong Aurora headphone amplifier with built-in MQA-compatible DAC is now available

Shenzhen Yu Long Yun Electronics Company has released a new DAC/amplifier, the DAART Aurora.

(News) Collaboration between that talented brand and HBB! LETSHUOER x HBB EJ07M Kinda Lava Edition

The popular reviewer HBB and the talented brand Shuoer have collaborated to create a remarkable earphone. It is "Shuoer EJ07M HBB Lava".

(High-end Headphones Review) beyerdynamic T5 3rd Generation: If you like a spacious and deep sound field representation, this might not be a bad idea.

It's not bad if you like rich midrange expression with a relaxed sound, but it's not as full as I thought it would be because the sound is not thick enough. The vocals are also kind of gloomy and lacking in energy, with a hint of darkness,…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Cayin Fantasy (YD01): A sound that emphasizes micro-detail. Beautiful grainy cymbal crashes and delicate acoustic guitar tones.

The Cayin Fantasy has a relatively flat sound with an emphasis on detail in the middle and high frequencies, which will delight listeners who prefer grainy cymbal crashes and delicate acoustic guitars like goldwork.The price is a bit stron…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) iBasso IT07: Tesla drivers for clear and crisp low frequencies; three types of tuning nozzles for a variety of sounds. An interesting iBasso flagship IEM.

The iBasso IT07 has a musical, midrange-oriented sound with excellent fullness and a soft, thick sound. The best feature of the iBasso IT07 is the clear and high quality low frequency range provided by the Tesla driver. Although the separa…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Shuoer Conductor: Quite faithful and well-balanced to the Harman target curve, and has the sound image rendering power typical of electrostatic types, but it is a regrettable work that is a bit lacking in micro-detail and atmosphere.

The Shuoer Conductor is characterized by good tuning, almost faithful to the Herman target curve, and extremely high quality high frequencies characteristic of the electrostatic type. And the sense of balance is also quite excellent.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Shuoer EJ07: Fairly faithful to the free-field flat and highly transparent midrange. Wide localization and sound field with depth and low listening fatigue.

The Shuoer EJ07 has a sound that is almost faithful to the flats, with a high level of overall original sound fullness and a natural texture in the midrange. The sound field is slightly localized in the back, which gives a sense of spaciou…

【Chi-fi earphones impressions】Tri Starlight: It is a stardust sound with an emphasis on resolution and is suitable for metal speed rock sounds. The delicate particles that are typical of electrostatic drivers are attractive

For those who like the warm sound of the Tri i3 and Tri i4, it's an analytical sound in a different direction, and you might be surprised at the extreme change in tone quality. It's the current flagship model of the Tri, but it's clearly d…