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Open Audio

Open Audio Witch Pro: 9.2mm dynamic & BA Dual Drivers In-Ear Earphones

Open Audio has released its latest entry-level IEM, the Open Audio Witch Pro.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Open Audio Witch Pro: Heavy V-shaped sound. Improved high frequency extension from the original.

The Open Audio Witch Pro is an earphone with a massive V-shaped sound. The build quality is not bad, and the distortion ratio and other measurements indicate that they are probably made of materials that are worth the price. Compared to th…

Open Audio Introduces "Witch Pro": Dual-Driver Hybrid IEMs With Handmade Face Covers

After a successful launch of the Open Audio Mercury five-driver flagship hybrid IEMs, Open Audio has revamped its classic entry-level hybrid pair with its second iteration, meet the all-new Open Audio Witch Pro. It comes as a direct succes…

Open Audio Witch collaborates with Japanese popular online unit "Naruharu"! Part 1

Up-and-coming IEM brand Open Audio has collaborated with the pair unit Naruharu to release the first limited edition Toyama collaboration model.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Open Audio Mercury 2.0 (Pre-final): Brushed-up model with improved sound balance and higher resolution of the original model

Mercury 2.0 is an improved version of the original model in terms of sound quality, with improved resolution and original fidelity. It retains the harmonic rich midrange ambience of the original, but brings it more to the forefront, improv…

(Chi-fi IEM impression) Open Audio Mercury 2.0: Improved high-frequency characteristics enhance overall sound balance and resolution

Open Audio's Mercury has been a big seller at a relatively affordable price, and now Open Audio has made a minor update to the Mercury to further improve its sound quality, Open Audio Mercury 2.0.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Open Audio Mercury: Excellent analog-type listening earphones that nostalgically portray music with rich harmonics

Open Audio Mercury is a signature with a near-neutral sound balance and an emphasis on heavy bass.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Open Audio Witch: Heavy V-shaped sound. Low distortion

Open Audio Witch has a V-shaped sound signature with an emphasis on low and mid-high frequencies.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Open Audio Alkaid: Superior monitor earphones that convey clarity, subtlety, and detail without spilling anything.

The Open Audio Alkaid is a high-end earphone with a delicate, analytical sound with high transparency across the entire frequency range.

(News) Open Audio Alkaid: 8 Balanced Armatures Hybrid Drivers IEM

Open Audio's high-quality 8BA-driver IEM, the Open Audio Alkaid, is now available at Linsoul.