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Meet Moondrop Click: Lightweight & Handy Portable USB DAC/AMP

Earlier this year, Moondrop entered the world of Portable USB DAC/AMPs with the Moonriver 2. It instantly became a huge success for its extremely good sound performance. Moondrop followed the success in the Portable DAC/AMP market after Mo…

QKZ x HBB: 10mm Titanium-Coated Diaphragm Driver HiFi In-Ear Earphones

QKZ has collaborated with a popular reviewer to release the QKZ x HBB earphones.

BGVP Launches "Scale": Latest Dual Dynamic Driver IEMs

In the HiFi Audio Industry, BGVP is a well-established name. They have a huge range of budget and premium in-ear monitors that are widely appreciated for their impressive sound performance. Today, BGVP has released a brand-new dual-driver …

Lafitear LM1: ElectroStatic + Dynamic Hybrid Low Price IEMs

Introducing the Lafitear LM1 IEMs, which are low-cost and have electrostatic drivers (possibly magnetostatic).

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Audiosense TX15: Chic sound with deep bass

The Audiosense TX15 has a V-shaped sound that leans toward the low frequencies.

(True Wireless Earbuds Review) Tranya T10B: A well-designed Bass Boost mode. Impressive sound in the mid-high range. Stable communication quality. Safe choice.

The Tranya T10-B is a safe choice in its price range. Communication quality is stable, sound balance is not bad, and the low frequency range, adjustable via Bass Boost, is fairly reasonably well tuned. However, compared to many of its riva…

(True Wireless Earbuds Review) UGREEN HiTune T1: A connoisseur's favorite listening earphone with an almost completely neutral sound balance and a rich harmonic sound

The UGREEN HiTune T1 delivers a very balanced, almost completely neutral sound; the Super Bass mode sounds V-shaped and emphasizes the low frequencies considerably.

(Monitor Headphones Review) Behringer HPS3000: Monitor headphones with bright, high-resolution sound. However, localization reproducibility is difficult.

The Behringer HPS3000 is a low-cost monitor headphone with high resolution. However, they are not recommended for use as main monitors, as their localization is too unreliable.

(Monitor Headphones Review) Behringer HC2000: Glare monitor that lets you hear bright midrange with high resolution

The Behringer HC2000 has a super midrange-full sound with a very strong emphasis on the midrange.

(True Wireless Earbuds Review) Honor Choice EarBuds X3 Lite: Typical V-shaped sound with emphasis on depth. High resolution.

Honor EarBuds X3 Lite is an earphone that gives a typical V-shaped sound with high resolution. While the depth of sound is attractive and clean, the midrange is dark and the textures are not as accurate as they could be.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) 7Hz Salnotes ZERO: Consistent high-quality sound with excellent balance and superb resolution

The 7Hz Salnotes ZERO is a new stab at the entry-level class. It is an earphone with a very well balanced sound and a resolution and audio specs above the price level.

BLON Z200: HiFi 10mm Carbon Diaphragm Driver In Ear Earphones

BLON Z200 BLON has released its new single dynamic driver IEMs, the BLON Z200. Features The Inspiration of Moonlight Zinc Alloy Dual Cavity, Dual Magnet Circuit Detachable 0.78mm 2Pin Cable Ergonomic Shape, Noise Canceling Earbud Specifica…

Tanchjim Zero: Latest Budget Single Dynamic Driver With DMT4 Architecture

Tanchjim has got an expertise in designing single dynamic driver IEMs. They have a huge catalog of highly-acclaimed single DD IEMs like the Tanchjim Ola, Hana 2021, Oxygen, etc. Today, they add another pocket-friendly set of single dynamic…

(News) 7HZ Salnotes Zero: HiFi 10mm Dynamic Driver In Ear Earphone

The latest entry-level IEMs, 7HZ Salnotes Zero, have been released.

(News) CCA LYRA: HiFi Single Dynamic Driver In-ear Earphone

CCA Lyra has been released.

Revolutionize your everyday music with the QCY T17!

Have you heard of the "high-quality sound true wireless earbuds" that are now the talk of the town? "Yeah, I know! It's a SONY product, right? Or is it the Sennheiser one?" I'm sorry you think so, but it's not them.

(News) Rose Photon: 8mm PEK Dynamic Driver In-ear Earphones

Rose Photon is now on sale.

(News) TRIPOWIN Zoe: Upgraded 3.5mm Earphone Cable

The Tripowin Zoe is now available at Linsoul.

(News) BLON Fat Girl: 10mm Composite Diaphragm Driver HiFi Earphones

BLON Fat Girl, an entry-level class IEM from BLON, is now available.

(News) KZ ESX: 12MM Dynamic Bass Earbuds In Ear Monitor

KZ has released the latest single dynamic driver IEM "KZ ESX".

(Chi-fi IEM Review) KZ EDX Ultra: Midrange with excellent texture and deep lows, but highs tend to be the weakest point

The KZ EDX Ultra is an excellent IEMs with audio specs and build quality above its price point, but it has the disadvantage of being habitual in the high frequencies, which can easily become a weakness. It is likely not suitable for those …

(News) KZ EDX Ultra: Professional Hi-Fi 10mm Dual Magnetic Dynamic Earphone

KZ has released the latest model in its popular EDX series, the KZ EDX Ultra.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Moondrop CHU: The entry class IEMs of uncompromising brands is a bit different

Moondrop CHU is an entry-level Chinese earphone that could be called a "KATO the Younger," created with the knowledge gained from KATO. While the quality is kept in line with the price, the development results obtained from the latest mode…

(News) TINHIFI T1S: Beryllium Plated Diaphragm HiFi Earphones

TinHiFi has released the TInHiFi T1S, an entry-level IEMs.

(News) Moondrop CHU: Latest Entry-Level IEMs With Single Dynamic Driver

Over the years, Moondrop has earned a lot of respect in the audiophile community mainly for its premium set of in-ear monitors. They have multiple successful IEMs available across different price segments starting from as low as 13$ with i…

(Monitor Headphones Review) Behringer HPM1000: Private theater room with a rich sound that emphasizes a sense of depth and fullness.

The Behriger HPM1000 is a fairly inexpensive monitor headphone. Its sound emphasizes depth to create a theater-room-like soundstage, which enriches the sound of music and provides a highly immersive listening experience, but it is not fait…

(True Wireless Earbuds Review) ACEFAST T3: Warm listening sound with emphasis on the midrange. Mellow, transparent and fresh midrange is attractive.

The AceFast T3 allows music to be heard with a mildly less stimulating atmosphere, especially in the midrange. The sound is less unpleasant and suitable for beginners of earphones. It is also suitable for those who prefer small, calm Jazz …

(Monitor Headphones Review) Behringer HPX2000: Practical monitors optimized for use in the DJ field. Texture expression in the mid-range is very impressive. However, for normal music appreciation, range feel is poor and they sound cheap

The Behringer HPX2000 is a highly practical DJ monitor headphones optimized for DJ performers to hear what they need to hear while becoming one with the frenzy around them in the field. They are not really suited for music appreciation, bu…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) KZ ZEX: Lacks a sense of construction, but has high resolution. Unique dynamic warm sound that is rich and full.

The technical performance of the KZ ZEX is excellent, offering a sound comparable to the high end for an earphone that costs just under $30. However, the tuning is not to everyone's taste, pursuing the usual KZ hobby, and basically it is v…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) CCA CRA: This model is an improved version of the ZEX Pro. Equal resolution, heavier and more powerful bass, improved high frequency extension and peaks.

The CCA CRA is a model that inherits the basic concept of the ZEX Pro, but with a different driver configuration to provide a nearly upward compatible sound at a lower price. The overall impression is much improved, and I would personally …