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The most popular entry-level Chinese IEMs under $100 that are currently attracting the most attention around the world and are most appreciated by audiophiles 2023

In this article, my blog, which collects audio information from around the world, will introduce some of the most highly rated, cutting-edge, and trendy Chinese IEMs that are currently available for under $100 and are easy on the wallet.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) FloAudio Lily: Vocalist IEMs with rich, full-sounding vocals... hiding a true monitor-like sound behind that. IEMs with a lot of fun for the enthusiast

The FloAudio Lily have a balanced, near-neutral sound signature and are expected to have a monitor-like sound balance with high resolution.

FloAudio Lily: Full-range BA in-ear monitors

FloAudio has released the FloAudio Lily, a full-range 1BA in-ear monitor.

(Review Round Up) FloAudio Calla: Fine tuning 1DD IEM

Here is a summary of the review articles about FloAudio Calla.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) FloAudio CALLA: Excellent listening earphones with mellow and deep sound

FloAudio touted the CALLA's sound as being on the same level of performance as high-priced earphones, and in fact, that claim is almost true. They sound very low distortion and more rewarding to listen to than most models with a price tag …

Floaudio CALLA: Well organized 1DD IEM

The debut model "Floaudio CALLA" has been released by the emerging Chinese brand Floaudio.