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Entries from 2022-07-01 to 1 month

SIVGA M200: Flat-Head Earphones With Large 15.4mm Dynamic Driver

Sivga has made a good name in the industry with its wide range of wooden over-ear headphones. But little do we know, Sivga also deals in flat-head earbuds and in-ear monitors. Today, Sivga has released a brand new set of flat-head earphone…

Tanchjim Zero: Latest Budget Single Dynamic Driver With DMT4 Architecture

Tanchjim has got an expertise in designing single dynamic driver IEMs. They have a huge catalog of highly-acclaimed single DD IEMs like the Tanchjim Ola, Hana 2021, Oxygen, etc. Today, they add another pocket-friendly set of single dynamic…

(News) Topping Announces New E30 II Desktop DAC and L30 II NFCA based Desktop Headphone AMP

After a long wait, Topping has finally revealed a successor to its classic E30 and L30 entry-level desktop audio setup. They have released E30 II as an upgrade to the E30 DAC and L30 II as a successor to the L30 headphone amplifier. Toppin…

Moondrop Aria Snow Edition: Newly updated 10mm dual-cavity dynamic driver

The Moondrop Aria Snow Edition single dynamic driver IEM has been released.

(News) 7HZ Salnotes Zero: HiFi 10mm Dynamic Driver In Ear Earphone

The latest entry-level IEMs, 7HZ Salnotes Zero, have been released.

(News) Moondrop Dawn Gets An All-New 3.5mm Single-Ended Variant

Following the success of the recently launched Moondrop DAWN 4.4mm Portable USB DAC/AMP, Moondrop has now revealed a single-ended variant for the DAWN, Let’s meet the all-new Moondrop DAWN 3.5mm Single-Ended Portable USB DAC/AMP. They have…

(News) Tempotec Serenade X: High-End Desktop HiFi DAP USB DAC

The latest network digital audio player, Tempotec Serenade X, is now available.

(News) KZ AS16 Pro: 16BA Balanced Armature Units Earphones HIFI Bass In Ear Monitor Earphones

The KZ AS16 Pro, IEMs with eight balanced armature drivers per side, has been released.

(News) Softears Twilight: Latest Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With Unique Twisted Shell Design

In a short span of time, Softears has got a good reputation in the audiophile community. The brand which is said to share the design and research team with Moondrop has always focused on delivering premium in-ear monitors. Whether it be th…

(News) Z REVIEW x LETSHUOER Z12 Planar IEMs Start Pre-order on 22th July

LETSHUOER stormed the IEM market with the S12 Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs, bringing an impressive performance at a pocket-friendly price. The pair got many positive feedbacks from users worldwide. In order to take the legacy of S12 forward…

(News) Moondrop Presents Kato In All-New Dark Blue Color Variant

Moondrop has released a new color variant for its famous “Kato” single-dynamic driver IEMs. Originally released back in 2021, Kato has been a highly-successful pair for Moondrop. Previously, the Moondrop Kato was available in Shining Silve…

(News) LETSHUOER D13: Custom 13mm DLC diaphragm dynamic driver in ear earphone

The latest IEMS with DLC driver, LETSHUOR D13, has been released.

(News) DDHIFI TC09BA & TC09BC: HiFi Audiophile USB Cable

DDHiFi has released the audiophile USB cables DDHIFI TC09BA and DDHIFI TC09BC.

(news) Meet Kinera Hodur: Brand New Triple Driver Tribrid IEMs(1DD+1BA+1EST)

Kinera, a name that isn’t bound for any introduction among audio enthusiasts. Over the years, Kinera has established itself as a manufacturer of premium in-ear monitors that fall into different price categories. They are usually recognized…

(News) iBasso DX170: Latest Hi-Res Digital Audio Player

The latest digital audio player, the iBasso DX170, has been released.

(News) CAT EAR MEOW: Dual Dynamic Driver Stereo 2pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile IEMS

The latest dual dynamic driver IEMs, Cat Ear Meow, have been released.

(News) Tin HiFi Launched Tin Buds 3 Bluetooth V5.2 TWS Earphones

Today, Tin HiFi has released its latest TWS of wireless earphones, the Tin Buds 3. Tin Buds 3 are designed for audiophiles who want a high-quality audiophile-like sound performance in the TWS form factor. They are equipped with the latest-…

(News) Unique Melody Maven Pro: Latest 12-driver Hybrid IEMs With Titanium Ear Shells

Unique Melody is a leading brand when it comes to premium high-fidelity in-ear monitors. Well-known for their recently launched Mest MK2, MEXT, etc in-ear monitors, Unique Melody has always been an innovative brand bringing new technologie…

(News) BGVP THHiFi Face Red: 1DD+2BA Hybrid Driver In-Ear Earphone

The latest IEMs, BGVP THHiFi Face Red, have been released.

(News) BGVP THHiFi Character: 1DD+1BA Hybrid Driver MMCX In-Ear Monitor

The latest IEMs, BGVP THHiFi Character, have been released.

(News) Oriolus Releases Szalayi: Triple Driver Hybrid IEM With Planar Magnetic Driver

Oriolus is a well-reputed HiFi audio gear brand from Japan. The brand has released several successful premium in-ear monitors in the market including the single dynamic driver Isabellae and the multi-driver ultimate flagship Tralli. Today,…

(News) Unique Melody Maven Pro: New Upgrade 10BA+2EST IEMs

The newest hybrid driver IEMs, the Unique Melody Maven Pro, is now available.

(News) Kinera Hodur: 1DD + 1BA+1 EST Drivers in Ear Monitors

The newest electrostatic IEMs, Kinera Hodur, have been released.

(News) iBasso Welcomes The Latest DX170 Hi-Res Digital Audio Player With Dual CS43131 DAC Chips

The wait for the latest mid-level DAP from iBasso is finally over. They have finally revealed the brand new iBasso DX170. As a successor to the DX160, the DX170 comes equipped with the latest-gen Dual DAC chipset, FPGA Master Audio Archite…

(True Wireless Earbuds Review) Edifier TO-U6+: High-frequency-oriented sound typical of Edifier

The Edifier To-U6+ is not a bad choice for earphones under $100. The highs are well localized and have a consistent overtone presentation, making them ideal for listening to string music, etc. As is typical of Edifier, the highs are carefu…

(News) TINHiFi Tin Buds 3: High-Fidelity Bluetooth v5.2 Earbud

TINHIFI has released TINHiFi Tin Buds 3, an IEM-type TWS.

(News) Topping Releases DM7: ES9038 Pro Based Flagship Multi-Channel Desktop DAC

Over the years, Topping has emerged itself as manufacturer of premium, high-performance desktop audio gears. They have released many successful products that cover most segments including desktop DACs, Headphone amplifiers, Power Amplifier…

(News) RAPTGO Leaf D01: New Generation 10mm LCP Dynamic Driver

A new generation of LCP dynamic driver IEMs, the RAPTGO Leaf D01, is now available.

(News) NF Audio NA3 Essentials: Brand New Dual-Cavity Single Dynamic Driver IEMs

NF Audio is a well-recognized brand in mainland China. In a small time, the brand has also made a big name in the international market with its premium set of in-ear monitors that come easy on the pocket. The brand has got multiple success…

(News) iBasso Launches AMP13 Module With 6th Gen Korg Nutube For DX300 and DX320

iBasso has just announced its latest amp module for the flagship DX300 and the DX320 digital audio players, presenting the all-new iBasso AMP13. Designed with the 6th gen Korg Nutube 6P1, the AMP13 packs a tube-like rich sound presentation…