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(News) BGVP ArtMagic ED12: Multi-Driver Hybrid Flagship IEMs Available Now

BGVP is a well-recognized HiFi audio brand from China. They specialize in designing budget and premium in-ear monitors with many successful series under their name. Quite recently, BGVP has come up with a brand-new multi-driver hybrid conf…

(News) QDC Celebrates Year Of The Tiger With The Latest "Tiger" Flagship Hybrid IEMs

QDC is a well-known high-end premium IEM brand from China. They have a huge catalog of successful products under their name like the legendary QDC Anole VX, V6, and the V14. All these famous Anole series of IEMs featured multi-BA drivers. …

(News) Seek Real Proser: 2 EST +4 BA+1 DD Hybrid Drivers In-ear Earphones

The Seek Real Proser high-end IEMs is now available at Linsoul.

(News) qdc Tiger: 2EST + 6BA Hybrid Flahship IEM

qdc is releasing a new flagship-class IEM, the qdc Tiger.

(News) Digital Audio Player "iBasso DX320" with DAC chip made by ROHM is now available!

iBasso is pleased to announce its newest digital audio player, the iBasso DX320. It is equipped with the ROHM DAC chip, the most notable DAC chip in the market today.

(News) Shanling M7, the latest ESS9038 Pro equipped digital audio player, is here!

Shanling has released its latest digital audio player, the Shanling M7.

(Headphones Review) GRADO GS2000e: Excellent listening headphones with high original sound fidelity

The GRADO GS2000e is one of the very best headphones available, reproducing recorded sound sources with almost complete fidelity. Its sound is a bit brighter and details sound a bit more detailed than they really are. It also has an added …

(IEM Review) JH Audio JH13v2 Pro Universal: Resolution worthy of a high-end model, deep low frequency range

The JH Audio JH13v2 Pro Universal shows JH Audio's commitment to low frequencies, but the sound is not worth $100,000. Many people would not buy these earphones for even 10,000 yen. And low frequency lovers can get better quality low frequ…

(News) Astrotec Phoenix 6: Latest Flagship Six-Driver Tribrid IEMs!!

Astrotec-global is a popular earbud and HiFi in-ear monitor manufacturing brand from China. They have a huge catalog of earbuds and IEMs. Today, they have unveiled their latest set of in-ear monitors, the Astrotec Phoenix 6. Phoenix 6 is A…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Shuoer EJ09: Informative, fine-grained, high-detail and high-definition monitor sound. It will be the highest level companion for those who want to enjoy music analytically

To be honest, I've never really seen much value in high-end earphones. My music listening was good enough with cheaper earphones, and they even had better monitoring capabilities than high-end earphones, so I had no need to pay more than $…

【Flagship Digital Audio Player impressions】FiiO M15: Overwhelming functionality and high-end sound quality that seems to be the best portable DAP at the moment

The FiiO M15's first impressions are pretty amazing, and should provide a comparable or better music environment than a $ 1000 high performance machine. The amplifier power is sufficiently powerful, the sound quality is natural and high re…

【Flagship Digital Audio Player impressions】FiiO M15 vs Astell&Kern SP2000: Which is the Truly High-end?

The latest M15 from global Digital Audio Player (DAP) maker FiiO is equipped with dual AK4499EQ, Asahi Kasei's flagship DAC chip. There are only two DAPs on the planet that have dual of the highest DAC chips in the industry, yes, one of th…