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Yanyin Moonlight Ultra: 4EST + 4BA + 1Dynamic Driver Tribrid HiFi In-ear Earphones

Yanyin Moonlight Ultra

Yanyin Moonlight Ultra



A: Today we talks about a new product, the Moonlight Ultra, made by Yanyin, a company that focuses on creating affordable high-quality audio devices.

B: The Moonlight Ultra is a flagship product that took engineers more than half a year to develop. It features an upgraded 10mm biodynamic diaphragm driver that allows for a powerful and clean bass response without muddying the mid-frequencies.

A: It also has four European-manufactured Sonion EST drivers that provide extreme upper-treble extension, giving the device a transparent monitor-like quality that is enjoyable for everyday listening.

B: The Moonlight Ultra also comes with a detachable cable made of 26awg 6n single crystal copper +26awg 5n pure silver materials and 24awg oxygen-free copper shielding layer. The cable is relatively soft and does not have a noticeable stethoscope effect. It also supports balanced plugs, with the default pin being 2pin 0.78mm connectors.

A: Overall, the Moonlight Ultra is designed to offer an exceptional audio experience that reproduces music at its full potential.



  • Medical Resin Shell, Ergonomic Design
  • 3 Tuning Switches, Changeable Collocation
  • Professional Crossover Technology
  • High Quality Upgraded Cable



Yanyin was started by passionate audio lovers who wanted to share better audio performance at more affordable price ranges. Putting audio quality at the forefront of their goals, Yanyin is determined to achieve the best in class sound that reproduces your music at its full potential.


Yanyin Moonlight Ultra



After listening to the reviews and feedback from hundreds of customers, the engineers have spent more than half a year on debugging and matching, and after three revisions, the new flagship - Moonlight Ultra is finally launched.
The Moonlight Ultra was born out of a need to fuse monitor-like accuracy with a powerful and enjoyable bass performance. The tuning was inspired by studio monitors with external subwoofers that present crystal clear transparency, but an impactful and clean bass response.


The Moonlight Ultra utilizes an upgraded 10mm biodynamic diaphragm driver to mimic a sub-bass impact in the extreme lows.


The sophisticated acoustic engineering strategy used in the Moonlight Ultra allows a powerful and rumbling bass impact, but without muddying the mid-frequencies.


Yanyin Moonlight Ultra


Equipped with a Sonion balanced armatures driver, and another Knowles balanced armatures driver for the middle frequency, ensuring that the emotionally rich vocals at the same time make the midrange more line sense. Also using two Knowles balanced armatures unit for high frequency, powerful sound density, and resolution is easy to capture the details of each sound.


The Moonlight Ultra also features 4 European-manufactured Sonion EST drivers, which are famed for their extreme upper-treble extension. The extreme high-frequency extension can reach 40khz ultrasonic level, making the whole sound of the spatial sense of oil, loose and natural, full of senior sense!


The result of these combinations is a transparent monitor-capable device that is full and enjoyable for everyday listening by any music enthusiast.


Yanyin Moonlight Ultra



After continuous selection, the newly upgraded cable is made of 26awg 6n single crystal copper +26awg 5n pure silver materials and 24awg oxygen-free copper shielding layer. Equipped with Bispa plugs to enhance the sound quality while reflecting the texture. The cable is relatively soft, and the stethoscope effect is not obvious. The earphone is designed with a detachable cable and also supports balanced plugs. The default pin is 2pin 0.78mm connectors.


Yanyin Moonlight Ultra


Yanyin Moonlight Ultra

Yanyin Moonlight Ultra
Yanyin Moonlight Ultra