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(News) THIEAUDIO Oceania: 24AWG Litz Type Palladium Coated Silver Cable




ThieAudio has released THIEAUDIO Oceania, a high-quality palladium-coated IEM cable.



  • Excellent Hardware Accessories
  • Wide Compatibility
  • High-Quality upgrade Cable



  • Cable Material: Litz Type Palladium Coated Silver Cable
  • AWG: 24AWG
  • Plug: Interchangeable 3.5mm TRS Sterero, 2.5mmTRRS /4.4mm TRRRS Balanced plug
  • Connector Options: MMCX/ 2PIN 0.78mm/QDC
  • Cable Length: 1.25m



24AWG Litz Type Palladium Coated Silver Cable

To achieve the stability and conductivity of the sound signal, Oceania adopts a complex Litz structure. THIEAUDIO Oceania is a 24AWG Litz Type upgrade cable made from 530 wires of 0.01mm and 119 wires of 0.06mm diameter palladium-plated silver wires. Ensuring the purity of the sound and excellent high-frequency performance.



Excellent Hardware Accessories

THIEAUDIO Oceania uses high-quality hardware accessories, the plugs, and splitters are very exquisite and sophisticated, highlighting the high-end elegance of the THIEAUDIO Oceania.



Wide Compatibility

THIEAUDIO Oceania is specially equipped with a compact replaceable plug design that meets the needs of different interfaces such as 2.5mm (balanced), 3.5mm (single-ended), and 4.4mm (balanced). Optional 0.78mm 2pin, QDC and mmcx conductors, you can choose whatever you want.



High-Quality upgrade Cable

Not only effectively avoids the sound distortion caused by the skin effect and the proximity effect, but also the cable has a better antioxidant effect. THIEAUDIO Oceania is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high temperature resistant, and more flexible. It can ensure the durability of the wire, while at the same take into consideration of wearing feeling.



Price & Availability

THIEAUDIO Oceania is available now at Linsoul and others for $199.