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Entries from 2022-11-01 to 1 month

FloAudio Lily: Full-range BA in-ear monitors

FloAudio has released the FloAudio Lily, a full-range 1BA in-ear monitor.

Custom Art Fibae 5: 1 DD+2 BA + 2 Planar Magnetic HiFi Tribrid Drivers Earphones

High-end tribrid IEMs, Custom Art Fibae 5, are now available.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) TinHiFi C2 Mech Warrior: Studio tuning-like sound with excellent transparency and good range. One of the best TinHiFi products to date.

The TinHiFi C2 is one of TinHiFi's best earphones to date, offering a very good studio-tuning-like neutral sound at a very low price.

Celest Pandamon: Brand New IEMs with 10mm SPD 2.0 Planar Driver Unit

Following the success of the debutant pair “Gumiho”, Celest is back again with a brand new pair of in-ear monitors, meet the all-new Celest Pandamon. Celest has featured Kinera’s enhanced SPD 2.0 on the Pandamon. This new driver brings bet…

Fosi Audio TB10D: D-class power amplifier claiming up to 300W power (per side) at 4 ohms

In this issue, we take a look at the Fosi Audio TB10D, a class-D power amplifier from Fosi Audio.

TinHiFi C2: 10mm PU+LCP Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitors

The latest entry-level IEMs from the popular brand, TinHiFi C2, are now available.

KZ H10: 40mm Titanium-Plated Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Headphones

KZ has released its latest wireless headphones with ANC, the KZ H10.

xDuoo Introduces MT-601S: Brand New Tube+Class A Transistor Headphone Amplifier

xDuoo makes some great performing desktop and portable HiFi audio gear. Last year, they released the “MT” series of desktop audio gears mainly including the MT-601/602 tube+transistor hybrid headphone amplifiers. Today, they have released …

Audirect ATOM3: ESS9280 AC PRO Chip Portable Decoder Amplifier

The ATOM series of compact DAC amplifiers has a new face: the Audirect ATOM3.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) KZ PR1 HiFi: Excellent original sound fidelity and range

The KZ PR1 HiFi is an excellent earphones in terms of sound balance with excellent range and original sound fidelity.

Moondrop VOID: Flagship Full-Size Large Dynamic Driver Headphones

Moondrop has released the brand's first headphone model, the Moondrop VOID.

Junear TBS-01: 1Planar + 4BA Hybrid IEM

The world of planar magnetic driver earphones is expanding rapidly. Another attractive option has been added to this world: the Junear TBS-01.

SHOZY T1 & T1 Pro: Open-style Single Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm In-ear Earphone

Shozy has released its latest single dynamic driver IEMs, the Shozy T1, and its higher-end model, the Shozy T1 Pro.

Tin HiFi Launched C2 Mech Warrior & C3 LCP+PU Composite Diaphragm In-Ear Monitors

With a huge catalog of successful budget in-ear monitors, Tin HiFi is a well-recognized name in the HiFi audio industry. Today, the brand has announced two brand new products to be added to its catalog of single-dynamic driver offerings, m…

(Wireless Headphones Review) Edifier WH500: Easy-to-carry multi-point, casual headphones. Sound quality can be adjusted with a dedicated app.

The Edifier WH500 is not a bad choice for a low budget, casual use wireless headphones.

TANCHJIM SPACE: Dual CS43131 Decoding Chips Portable Headphone Amp

The latest portable headphone amplifier, TANCHJIM SPACE, has been released.

Meet HarmonicDyne Devil: Brand New In-Ear Monitors With Dual 10mm Custom Dynamic Drivers

We have got a brand-new pair of premium dual-dynamic driver IEMs from HarmonicDyne, meet the all-new HarmonicDyne Devil. Equipped with two high-performance 10mm custom-developed dynamic drivers, the HarmonicDyne Devil delivers impactful lo…

Kinera Pandamon: 10mm Square Planar Driver In-Ear Earphone

Kinera has released a new planar drive IEMs, the Kinera Pandamon.

AFUL Acoustics Performer 5: Brand-New 1DD+4BA Hybrid IEMs With Patented Technologies

AFUL Acoustics is a new name in the international market. Founded back in 2018, AFUL has aimed to design top-quality performing IEMs at pocket-friendly prices. With the help of a professional R&D Team, they have developed several different…

TRN XuanWu: 10mm Planar Magnetic & Customized Balanced Armature Driver IEMS

TRN has released its latest planar magnetic and BA hybrid IEM, the TRN XuanWu.

TINHIFI C3: 10mm PU+LCP Composite Diaphragm HiFi Wired In-Ear Monitor

TinHiFi, a well-established and very popular brand, has released a new DD IEM, the TINHIFI C3.

(HiFiGO) Hifigo Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals: Enjoy over 40% Off on Your Favorite HiFi Audio Gear

November is here, and we are back again with our upcoming sale. Just wrapped our double 11 sales for which we are thankful to all our supporters for the amazing response. We are back now with our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. HiFiGo …

(Linsoul) Linsoul Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale and Giveaway 2022

Linsoul will be holding their Linsoul Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2022 from November 24 till November 29, 2022 (GMT+8). Storewide promotional prices for many products, Linsoul Black Friday and Cyber Monday Giveaway, Linsoul Thanksgi…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) AFUL Performer 5: Good neutral sound balance. Smooth, good connection between registers and natural decay.

The AFUL Performer 5 is a multi-driver earphones with a very smooth and well-connected sound image consistency.

Meet The All-New Audirect Atom 3: Latest Portable USB DAC/AMP With Premium ESS Sabre DAC Chipset

Audirect has released a brand new Portable USB DAC/AMP, presenting the all-new Audirect Atom 3. As a successor to the Atom 2, the Atom 3 here is a tiny package with massive sound characteristics. With top-quality features such as a premium…

Moondrop Introduces "Line V": 8-Core OFC Silver-Plated Headphone Upgrade Cable

Moondrop has always been a famous brand in the HiFi audio community. Mainly known for its huge range of HiFi in-ear monitors, Moondrop is a part of all the discussions for its newly launched headphones, the Moondrop Void. Following the rel…

KZ Introduces PR1 Pro: Second-Generation Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs!!

Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs have been a hit this year. Different brands including LETSHUOER, DUNU, Celest, etc. have joined hands with the Planar Magnetic Driver Technology. A few weeks ago, KZ Acoustics, commonly known as KZ, also release…

KBEar Qinglong: Brand New Dynamic Driver IEMs With PU+PEEK Dual-layered Diaphragm & Mirror-Finished Metallic Cavities

KBEar isn’t bound to any type of introduction among audiophiles. The brand is known for its catalog of in-ear monitors that deliver quality performance at an affordable price tag.s Today, KBEAR has released its latest pair of premium singl…

A Brief Introduction To AFUL Acoustics

Founded back in 2018, AFUL Acoustics has kept a precise focus to develop high-end performing in-ear monitors at affordable prices. Together with its innovative R&D team, AFUL has got many different patents under its name. They have adhered…

Tanchjim Space: Brand New Portable USB DAC/AMP With Dual CS43131 DAC Chips

Tanchjim, a brand commonly known for IEMs has debuted in the portable DAC/AMP market with the release of the all-new Tanchjim Space. “Space” is the brand’s first-ever take on the DAC/AMP market. It is designed with premium audio circuitry …