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(HiFiGO) Hifigo Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals: Enjoy over 40% Off on Your Favorite HiFi Audio Gear

Hifigo Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Hifigo Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals


November is here, and we are back again with our upcoming sale. Just wrapped our double 11 sales for which we are thankful to all our supporters for the amazing response. We are back now with our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. HiFiGo is bringing you an exclusive collection of IEMs, DACs, and Amplifiers from top brands with discounts of up to 40% off on your favorite HiFi Audio gear. We have partnered with top brands in the industry including LETSHUOER, Moopndrop, DUNU, Gustard, See Audio, Unique Melody, Topping, Shanling, HiBy, Effect Audio, and more, bringing you the best deals on their lineup. So it’s time to turn explore your “Buy Later” list and grab those awaited gears at exciting prices with huge discounts!! We assure the deals are going to be as tempting as ever!!


Our Black Friday sale will begin on Thursday 24th November and it will be active for the next six days till Tuesday 29th November!! Check out our entire sale catalog here.


Let’s have a short glimpse at some of our favorite deals from the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale!!


Effect Audio Signature Series Eros S Cable

  • Retail Price: 314$.
  • Black Friday Deal: 251.20$.


We recently partnered with Effect Audio from Singapore, a well-recognized boutique IEM and IEM upgrade cable brand. We launched their Signature Series cables and now they are available with huge discounts on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. Eros S is the flagship IEM upgrade cable from their latest Signature Series. It’s a hybrid cable consisting of high-purity Silver Litz and Copper Litz wire cores. It uses high-quality components such as a Rhodium-plated termination plug, and 26AWG wire cores in an 8-strand configuration. Not to mention the advanced ConX technology, that allows you to switch between MMCX and 2-pin connectors as and when required.


Effect Audio Eros S retails for 314$, grab it for just 251.20$ during our Black Friday Sale!! Bookmark it here.


Effect Audio Signature Series Eros S Earphone Cable


LETSHUOER x Z Reviews Z12 Gold Edition

  • Retail Price: 169$.
  • Black Friday Deal: 143.65$.


Z Reviews collaborated with LETSHUOER for a retuned version of the classic S12 Planar IEMs bringing us the amazing LETSHUOER x Z Reviews Z12 Gold Edition. The limited edition got Z Reviews's color-matched gold-black ear shells and a high-quality modular cable. Z12 also gets some boost in its sub-bass frequencies on recommendation by Zeos from Z Reviews. The pair delivers amazing sound performance with excellent details, powerful bass, and crisp midrange clarity. Grab the Z12 Gold Edition at an amazing price of 143.65$, grab yours today!!


Apart from the Z12 Gold Edition, we also have S12 and S12 Pro from LETSHUOER at exciting discounts during our Black Friday sale. Grab them for just 119.20$!!


LETSHUOER x Z Review Z12 Gold Edition Planar IEMs


Moondrop Variations

  • Retail Price: 520$.
  • Black Friday Deal: 442$.


Moondrop Variations is counted among one of the best IEMs around the 500$ price bracket. The pair brought us an impressive sound experience with its premium multi-driver configuration. Moondrop has featured a combination of a dynamic, balanced armature, and EST driver units. Moondrop Variations has been a default recommendation for many famous audio bloggers since its release. While the pair retails for about 550$, it’s available with a huge discount at just 442$ during our Black Friday sale.


You can also check out exciting deals on the Moondrop Kato and Moondrop Blessing 2, both of these are available with huge discounts during our Black Friday Sale!!


Moondrop Variations 2EST + 2BA + 1DD Tribrid IEMs


7Hz Timeless AE

  • Retail Price: 259$.
  • Black Friday Deal: 239$.

7Hz revamped its classic Timeless Planar Magnetic IEMs in collaboration with AngelEars, bringing us the all-new Timeless AE. The pair has got brand new Aqua Blue color shells, a new upgraded modular cable, and a new tuning profile for a better detailed, richer sound than the OG model. Timeless AE is quite a recently launched pair. It is coming up on sale for the very first time!! Fulfill your Wishlist and grab the Timeless AE at never before price during our Black Friday sale!!


Check out more information about the 7Hz Timeless AE over here.


7HZ Timeless AE 14.2mm Planar In-Ear Monitors IEMs


DUNU Talos

  • Retail Price: 199$.
  • Black Friday Deal: 179$.

DUNU Talos is the brand’s first-ever Planar Magnetic driver IEM. It’s actually a Planar Hybrid IEM equipped with a 14.6mm planar driver and dual custom-developed Balanced Armature drivers on each side. DUNU has featured a physical switch that allows for easy switching between planar only or Planar+BA hybrid mode. Talos comes up at discounted price this Black Friday sale, grab it at an exciting deal with us!!


Talos retails for 199$, it will be available for just 179$ during the Black Friday sale. DUNU SA6 is also available with a discount during the sale. Do check it out as well!!


DUNU TALOS Planar + 2BA Drivers Hybrid IEMs


Gustard R26 Discrete R2R DAC With Streamer

  • Retail Price: 1649.99$.
  • Black Friday Deal: 1402.49$.

Gustard is a well-recognized brand in desktop HiFi gear. Their very latest R26 R2R Desktop DAC with Streamer will be showing up during our Black Friday sale at a discounted price. R26 is a discrete R2R ladder DAC that promises exceptional sound performance with precisely designed resistor ladder array architecture. It’s a native 1 Bit DAC that supports pure DSD signal decoding without DSD to PCM conversion. Gustard has designed it with top-quality components to take your musical experience to an all-new level of awesomeness!! Usually, we see the R26 retailing at 1649.99$, grab it at a discount price of 1402.49$ during our Black Friday sale!!


More information on the R26 here.


Gustard DAC-R26 Discrete R2R DAC With Streamer Renderer


See Audio Yume Midnight

  • Retail Price: 199.99$.
  • Black Friday Deal: 169.99$.

See Audio Yume midnight is a revamped version of Yume designed with tuning adjustments by Crinacle. It’s a three-driver hybrid IEM designed with a dynamic driver and dual-balanced armature driver units. The pair delivers a great technical performance with improved clarity, faster lower end, wider stage, and better resolution compared to the original Yume. Yume Midnight is exclusive to our store, if you were waiting to purchase this beauty, now grab it at a special discounted price.


Check out more information on the Yume Midnight here.


SeeAudio X Crinacle Yume Midnight IEMs


Topping A90 Discrete Headphone Amplifier

  • Retail Price: 599.99$.
  • Black Friday Deal: 509$.

Topping A90 Discrete is a powerful headphone amplifier designed with fully-discrete NFCA modules. Topping has equipped the amp with fully discrete components to redesign its famous NFCA(Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) module. The A90 Discrete has got four built-in NFCA discrete modules, each of them featuring 39 transistors building up a fully balanced structure. With this discrete component circuitry, the A90 Discrete packs a tremendously powerful output producing about 9800mW of clean, noise-free output ratings at 16Ω of load. If you are looking for a flagship-grade powerful headphone amplifier designed for both sensitive in-ear monitors as well as demanding headphones, the A90 Discrete will surely fit your requirement!!


Topping A90 Discrete retails for 599$, grab it at a discounted price of 509$ during our Black Friday sale!! Know more here. Apart from A90 Discrete, other products from Topping including the G5, L30 II, and E30 II will also be available at discounted prices during the Black Friday Sale, do check them out as well!!


Topping A90 Discrete Balanced Headphone Amplifier & Pre-amplifier


Shanling UA2 Plus

  • Retail Price: 89$.
  • Black Friday Deal: 75.65$.

Shanling’s latest UA2 Plus is coming on discount during our Black Friday sale. Equipped with an ES9038Q2M high-performance ESS DAC chip and dual RT6863 independent amp chips, the UA2 Plus promises quality performance for its users. Shanling has featured their in-house developed ultra-conversion black low-power consumption technology. Shanling UA2 is a great companion with your smartphones, Laptops, and PCs with its crisp high-resolution audio performance. UA2 is coming up on sale for the very first time. If you had put it on the Wishlist, now is the time to move it to the cart!!


Shanling UA2 Plus retails for 89$, during the Black Friday sale grab it for just 75.65$, know more here.


Shanling UA2 Plus ES9038Q2M Dual RT6863 Balanced Portable USB DAC & AMP


HiBy R5 Gen 2

  • Retail Price: 449$.
  • Black Friday Deal: 399$.

Do you love listening to clean, powerful Class A sound?? HiBy’s latest R5 Gen 2 is a portable Android digital audio player that features Class A audio amplification. It’s an advanced Android-based audio player equipped with dual ES9219C DAC chips, a dedicated amplification section with support for Class A amplification, and many more features. It’s a fully-blown Hi-Res audio player with support for native DSD256, and PCM 32-Bit/768kHz audio signals. We are bringing you the amazing HiBy R5 Gen 2 at a discounted price, grab it for just 399$ during our Black Friday sale!!


HiBy R5 Gen 2 Digital Music Player With Google Play


So are you prepared yet?? Are these deals tempting enough for you??? Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale will begin on 24th November and it will be active till 29th November. Make sure you drop by and check out the entire sale catalog here on 24th November. For any further questions or queries feel free to reach out to us at