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Unique Melody Releases All-New Multiverse Mentor Frequency Shift Hybid 13-Driver In-Ear Monitors

Unique Melody has released an update to its classic Mentor series of premium hybrid in-ear monitors. They have released the brand new Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor. Following the success of Mentor 3+, the latest Multiverse Mentor brings …

TinHiFi Introduces T2 2022: Latest Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With 4th-Generation DLC Diaphragm

Tin HiFi has updated its classic T2 series of dynamic driver IEMs with the release of the brand new T2 2022. Basically, they have upgraded the dynamic driver on the T2 2022 with a 4th-generation DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) Diaphragm that take…

Hidizs Announces AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Limited Edition Collectible Digital Audio Player

Hidizs AP80 series of digital audio players need no introduction among audio lovers. The series has got plenty of products including the AP80, the AP80 Pro, and the recently launched AP80 Pro-X. Hidizs has a habit of releasing limited edit…

Hifigo LETSHUOER Sale Is Here: Exciting Deals On A Huge Catalog Of Premium In-Ear Monitors!!

Hifigo is bringing you a comprehensive sale on the entire LETSHUOER Product catalog. Order your award-winning premium in-ear monitors from the house of LETSHUOER with exciting discounts. We are offering up to 40% discounts on famous produc…

Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor: Advanced Piezoelectric Bone Conduction Driver In-Ear Monitor

Ultra high-end earphones Unique Melody Multiverse Mentor is now available.

Topping Launches All-New DX1 All-in-One DAC+Headphone AMP with AK4493S AKM DAC Chip

Topping is a well-established brand in the HiFi audio industry. The brand is mainly known for its wide range of desktop audio gears including DACs, AMPs, and All-in-One DAC/AMP devices. The best part about Topping is that their collection …

BGVP Launches "Scale": Latest Dual Dynamic Driver IEMs

In the HiFi Audio Industry, BGVP is a well-established name. They have a huge range of budget and premium in-ear monitors that are widely appreciated for their impressive sound performance. Today, BGVP has released a brand-new dual-driver …

Lafitear LM1: ElectroStatic + Dynamic Hybrid Low Price IEMs

Introducing the Lafitear LM1 IEMs, which are low-cost and have electrostatic drivers (possibly magnetostatic).

ThieAudio Oracle MkII: NEW Tribrid King - 1DD + 2BA + 2EST In-Ear Monitor

ThieAudio, known for its high-quality in-ear monitors, has released the successor to its hit model, the ThieAudio Oracle MKII.

LETSHUOER S12 Pro Available Now On Pre-Order: Your Favorite Planar Driver IEM With Upgraded Stock Cable

LETSHUOER celebrates its 6th anniversary with the all-new S12 Pro, an upgrade to the award-winning S12 Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs. Equipped with a large 14.8mm custom planar magnetic driver, the LETSHUOER S12 Pro delivers impressive sound…

DUNU Talos Launched On Pre-Order: Planar and Dual BA Driver Hybrid With Brass Cavity Structure

The world of Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs get a new competition today, DUNU has come up with its first-ever planar magnetic driver IEMs, meet the all-new DUNU Talos. It’s not just a planar magnetic set, Talos is a hybrid set that features a…

FiiO PL50: High Quality Low Noise Regulated Linear Power Supply

FiiO has introduced the FiiO PL50, a high quality power supply from FiiO.

TINHIFI T2 DLC: Dual 10mm DLC Dynamic Driver In-Ear Earphones

Tin HiFi has introduced the TINHIFI T2 DLC, an upgraded model of its popular IEMs.

SMSL Releases SU-10: Latest Flagship Desktop DAC with Dual ES9038Pro DAC Chips

SMSL offers one of the widest collections of premium desktop audio gears including desktop decoders, headphone amplifiers, power amplifiers, and more. Today, SMSL has released its latest flagship desktop decoder, the all-new SMSL SU10. Equ…

HZSound Releases Heart Mirror Pro: An Upgrade To The Classic Single Dynamic Driver IEM

Back in 2020, HZSOUND Heart Mirror stole the heart of many audiophiles with its unmatched performance and a highly-attractive price tag. Today, HZSound has released a successor to the classic Heart Mirror, presenting the all-new HZSound He…

FiiO M11S: dual ES9038Q2M DAC Audio Player

FiiO has released its latest digital audio player, the FiiO M11S.

TRN EMX: New Flagship Audiophile dynamic driver Flat head Earphones

The new intraconcave TRN EMX earphones have been released.

xDuoo X-R01 Multilayer Acrylic Stand For HiFi Desktop Gears

xDuoo is a famous brand well-recognized among audiophiles and audio enthusiasts for its brilliant range of portable and desktop audio gears. They excel in designing Audio Decoders(DACs), Headphone Amplifiers, and Power Amplifiers. Today, x…

xDuoo MT-605 Digital Power Amplifier With 12AU7 Tube!!

Adding to their MT and MU series of budget desktop audio gears, xDuoo has announced the all-new MT-605 Tube Digital Power Amplifier. It’s a digital power amplifier based on the powerful TI TPA3116 power amplifier chip with a 12AU7 tube in …

Kinera Celest Gumiho Latest Dual Driver Hybrid IEMs with 10mm SPD Planar Driver and Custom BA driver

Kinera is a trusted name in the HiFi audio industry. Over the years, Kinera has developed and marketed some extra-ordinary looking IEMs with great sound reproduction. A few days back, Kinera announced a new sister brand which will be known…

Six Updates With the All-New Topping DX7 Pro+: DX7 Pro+ vs DX7 Pro

Topping has released an update to its classic DX7 Pro desktop all-in-one DAC/AMP with the all-new Topping DX7 Pro+. Originally released back in 2019, the DX7 Pro has been a top-selling product for Topping. It has been a highly versatile al…

TOPPING DX7 Pro+: Bluetooth5.1 ES9038PRO Hi-Res Headphone Desktop Decoder Amplifier

Topping has released the TOPPING DX7 Pro+, an all-in-one desktop headphone amplifier.

Tripowin Rhombus: 1BA + 1DD Hybrid Performance IEM

The very popular brand Tripowin is coming out with another beautifully designed earphone. Yes, it is Tripowin Rhombus.

Tripowin Cencibel: High-resolution dynamic driver IEM

New dynamic driver IEMs, Tripowin Cencibel, have been released.

FiiO Releases LC-RE Pro 2022: Updated Flagship Gold, Silver, Copper Hybrid IEM Upgrade Cable

At their Autumn Fall Event today, FiiO has released the amazing FH7S hybrid driver IEMs. Alongside the FH7s, FiiO has also dropped an update to its flagship LC-RE Pro IEM cable, presenting the all-new FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022. Compared to the p…

Edifier W240TN: True wireless earbuds with coaxial dual dynamic drivers & ANC

Edifier has released the Edifier W240TN, a true wireless earbuds with ANC and coaxial dual dynamic drivers.

SUPERTFZ FORCE 5: Tesla Dual Magnetic Graphene Diaphragm IEMs

The latest Tesla driver-equipped IEM, SUPERTFZ FORCE 5, has been released.

SUPERTFZ FORCE KING: Tesla Dual Magnetic 2-Way 2pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile IEMs

The latest Tesla driver-equipped IEM, SuperTFZ Force King, has been released.

FiiO Announces FH7s: Latest Hybrid IEMs with 4 Knowles Custom BA and 13.6mm Custom DLC Dynamic Driver

FiiO just had its Autumn Launch Event today and they announced the latest generation of “FH” series of hybrid in-ear monitors with the all-new FiiO FH7s. As a successor to the widely acclaimed FH7 and a cousin to the flagship FH9, the FH7s…

Floaudio CALLA: Well organized 1DD IEM

The debut model "Floaudio CALLA" has been released by the emerging Chinese brand Floaudio.