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Topping Introduces EHA5: High-Power Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier

Topping EHA5

Topping EHA5



A: Have you heard about the Topping EHA5?

B: No, what is it?

A: It's a new amplifier specifically designed for electrostatic headphones. It can provide the high voltage output that electrostatic headphones need to perform at their full potential.

B: That sounds interesting. Is it expensive?

A: Actually, it's priced quite competitively at $399.99. And it's the first electrostatic headphone amplifier from Topping.

B: Wow, that's a great deal. What are the specs?

A: It has an output voltage of 700Vrms and a 2000Vp-p output swing. It also has dual gain modes with 30.9dB gain in low-gain mode and 44.9dB in high-gain mode. Plus, it's built with high-quality components for clean performance with low noise and distortion.

B: That's impressive. I'll have to check it out.

A: You can learn more about it here.


Electrostatic Headphones need specially developed amplifiers for their power requirements. They require high voltage output to unleash their full potential. Topping has years of expertise in designing high-end desktop audio gear. They have developed their first-ever amplifier for Electrostatic Headphones, presenting the all-new Topping EHA5. It has been designed specifically for high-end electrostatic headphones that require high-voltage swing for full potential performance!!


Topping EHA5-1


Topping EHA5 is launched officially for 399.99$, it’s actually one of the most affordable amplifiers for Electrostatic headphones and the first-ever from Topping as well. Know more details and features here.


Electrostatic Headphones are different from our regular headphones. They require more voltage swing to perform to their full potential that’s the only reason they require different amplifiers and even have a unique termination plug as well. We can’t use EST headphones with regular amplifiers or normal headphones with an EST Headphone Amplifier without the use of appropriate adapters(even though that’s not recommended at all). Topping has specially developed the new EHA5 with high-quality components producing high-voltage swing. Unlock the full performance of your premium electrostatic headphones with the all-new Topping EHA5. The EHA5 features an immensely powerful output. It delivers an output voltage of 700Vrms and a 2000Vp-p output swing. It enables easy and clean driving of premium EST headphones. The EHA5 features dual gain modes with 30.9dB gain in low-gain mode and 44.9dB in high-gain mode!!


Topping EHA5-2


The EHA5 is designed with top-quality audio components that ensure clean performance with best-in-class DNR, and SNR performance. The output has a clean response with ultra-low distortion ratings. It maintains low noise levels in both low-gain and high-gain modes. The EHA5 has a 12V Trigger interface. It supports seamless operation with other compatible devices when connected with 12V trigger. The Topping EHA5 also has a pass-through function when not in use. It provides signal pass-through to further devices in the chain even when the EHA5 is not even turned on.


Topping EHA5-3


Topping EHA5 is high-performance device that promises top-level performance in driving Electrostatic headphones. It’s a first from the brand and a very interesting one as well. The amplifier is built using a high-quality CNC-machined aluminum frame!! Topping has priced the EHA5 quite competitively at just 399.99$. You can check out more details here.


Topping EHA5

Topping EHA5

Topping EHA5