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(News) HarmonicDyne Headphone Carrying Case: Headset Storage Package

HarmonicDyne has introduced a convenient Carrying Case for Headphones.

(News) TANGZU Shimin Li: Latest Single Dynamic Driver IEMs Now Available On Pre-Order At HiFiGO

Following the success of their introductory IEM, the Yuan Li. TANGZU Audio(formerly known as TForce) has come up with a brand new set of IEMs, the TANGZU SHIMIN LI. It’s the second product from their introductory dynasty series of IEMs fir…

(News) DDHiFi TC28i Pro: Lightning to Dual USB-C Female Jack OTG Power Adapter

DDHiFi has released the DDHiFi TC28i Pro, an ultra-compact portable hPower Adapter with Lightning plug support.

(News) Three Major Updates With The Latest Moondrop NEKOCAKE KURONEKO: Bluetooth V5.2 Connectivity, & More

Today, Moondrop announces its latest upgrade to the famous NEKOCAKE, meet the all-new Moondrop NEKOCAKE KURONEKO. The primary upgrade with this latest TWS from Moondrop is the implementation of an upgraded Bluetooth chipset and a new color…

(True Wireless Earbuds Review) EnacFire E60: Excellent listening model for a slightly dark space with a profound and natural overtone resonant sound

The EnacFire E60 is an excellent listening model that lets you hear the beautiful overtones of woodwinds and violins in a slightly dark space. The warm midrange and mild, non-peaked highs make it comfortable to listen to and easy to immers…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) CCA CRA+: This model is a mid-range version of the CCA CRA. Not bad, but overall, CRA-

CCA CRA+ has a V-shaped sound balance with an awareness of neutral sound, and is an IEM with a highly transparent midrange that is carefully listened to.

(News) Audirect Atom Mini: ES9280AC PRO Chip HiFi Portable USB DAC Amplifier

Audirect has released the Audirect Atom Mini, a small dongle amplifier.

(Review Round Up) Moondrop NEKOCAKE

This is a summary round up of the Moondrop NEKOCAKE true wireless earbuds review article by Moondrop.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) KZ EDA Green: High resolution and high definition. Excellent monitor earphones

The KZ EDA (green) is an excellent neutral studio monitor, capable of rendering the entire musical picture clearly and crisply. It is not for those who are sensitive to high frequencies, those who want thickness in the midrange, or those w…

(News) TRN BT3S pro: Bluetooth Neck-type Replaceable Bluetooth Upgrade Cable

TRN has released its latest Bluetooth re-cable, the TRN BT3S pro.

(News) CCA CRA+: A popular model that has evolved further

KZ's sub-brand CCA is back with a brushed-up version of its very popular model. CCA CRA+ has been released.

(News) Reecho SG-01 OVA: Popular entry-level Chinese IEMs are back with upgraded cables!

Reecho, a popular Chinese IEM brand, has released the Reecho SG-01 OVA, a repackaged model of its entry-level Reecho SG-01 IEMs with a new cable.

(True Wireless Earbuds Review) QCY T13: Mellow sound that makes music sound majestic in a slightly relaxed soundstage. Highly customizable and long playback time. Excellent entry-level model, but only a little concerned about communication quality.

The QCY T13 has a well-balanced, low-frequency-leaning sound. It is carefully emphasized so that the soundstage sounds wide while maintaining balance very well, and it maintains detail well, giving an excellent listening sound that is plea…

(News) HiFi dynamic driver Chinese IEM "HZSOUND Waist Drum" released.

HZSOUND, a very popular Chinese Audio brand, has released its latest Chinese earphones with dynamic drivers, the HZSOUND Waist Drum.

(News) Moondrop NEKOCAKE Special Edition, a collaboration model with Ash Arms, is now available!

A collaboration special edition "Moondrop NEKOCAKE Special Edition" with the popular smartphone game "Ash Arms" has appeared in the completely wireless earphones "Moondrop NEKOCAKE" of the popular brand "Moondrop".

(Gaming Headset Review) EKSA Air Joy Plus (E3 Plus): Gaming headset suitable for FPS with emphasis on understanding left and right localization

The EKSA AirJoy Plus is a low-cost USB gaming headset for FPS with an emphasis on left/right localization. It provides a powerful effect at a low price when playing first- or third-person games where a sense of left and right orientation i…

(News) FiiO KA1 Latest USB DAC/AMP With Premium ES9281AC Pro DAC Chip

FiiO in collaboration with its sister brand Jade Audio has announced their latest Portable USB DAC/AMP, the FiiO&JadeAudio KA1. The KA1 adopts not only a high-resolution DAC but also a powerful headphone amplifier, promising us an authenti…

(Monitor Headphones Review) Behringer HPM1000: Private theater room with a rich sound that emphasizes a sense of depth and fullness.

The Behriger HPM1000 is a fairly inexpensive monitor headphone. Its sound emphasizes depth to create a theater-room-like soundstage, which enriches the sound of music and provides a highly immersive listening experience, but it is not fait…

(Gaming Headset Review) EKSA Air Joy Pro (E3 Pro): A low-cost gaming headset with quite excellent localization. The overall balance is also good, making it an excellent all-around monitor/listening model.

The EKSA AirJoy Pro is an excellent gaming headphone that offers excellent localization despite its overwhelmingly low price. The EKSA AirJoy Pro is not only an excellent monitor model due to its excellent localization and sound balance, b…

(News) KZ EDA: 3 Sets In Single Package

In 2022 when we talk about different tunings in a single set of in-ear monitors usually means we will get either tuning switches or tuning filters of some sort. But what if we tell you, you will get three different pairs of in-ear monitors…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Audiosense T180: High-definition monitor sound hidden behind well-balanced sound

The Audiosnse T180 is a warm-neutral IEMs that is not bad in its price range. They are not bad to use as standard, but their real appeal is their high-definition sound when used with a high output impedance headphone amplifier and attenuat…

(True Wireless Earbuds Review) EarFun Free Mini: The V-shaped signature emphasizes low frequency and balance typical of the Free series. Sound balance is good enough to be considered low-priced, but lacking in resolution.

Even with the EarFun Free Mini, EarFun demonstrates its exceptional sound balancing technology and succeeds in providing good quality sound in the entry-level class. However, it is true that this is not a model that excels in resolution, a…

(True Wireless Earbuds Review) QCY T17S: A higher-end model of the famous T17 with very good sound balance and a high degree of customizability

We can't laugh at audio dreamers who are looking for true wireless earbuds that combine high sound quality with highly customizable apps at a low price point, just like the higher-end models. Because it is right in front of you: the QCY T1…

(News) TRN T3 Pro: Pure Silver Premium Upgrade Cable

TRN has released the TRN T3 Pro, a plug-in modular silver earphone cable.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) KZ ZES: This model improves on the KZ ZEX's sound balance in the low and midrange. However, the high frequency range and resolution are degraded.

The KZ ZES is a model that addresses the biggest problem of the KZ ZEX, which was to improve the sound balance between the low and mid frequencies. The low frequency range of the ZES is particularly well tuned with good quality, and the co…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) CCA CA10: A psychedelic sound created by a true genius. The junk feeling all over again!

If you want to taste a weird, sort of psychedelic, freaky, junk food sound, CCA CA10 is not to be missed. A brand with true talent doesn't think outside the box. From these earphones, I can hear the "sound field? Localization? Coherency? T…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Tripowin × HBB MELE: Perfect midrange for superb texture expression. Mild and suitable for those who are sensitive to high frequencies, but lacks dynamism in expression, which is a clear drawback.

The Tripowin x HBB MELE is a gospel for audiophiles who love accurate textural representation. In a slightly narrow sound field with a slightly forward localization, the Tripowin x HBB MELE is able to capture the entire musical image in a …

(Chi-fi IEM Review) TRN TA2: Not bad if you like a dense, warm sound, but it's a non-mainstream sound in TRN.

The TRN TA2 has a narrow V-shaped sound that is focused in the midrange. The sound image is slightly condensed in the front, making it easy to understand the overall picture of the music, but also making it sound cramped. The mid-range is …

(Chi-fi IEM Review) KZ × HBB DQ6S: Warm neutral sound like Mele. The Mele has a better sound balance, but if you like a cleaner sound, this one is for you.

The sound signature of the KZ DQ6S is a warm neutral sound with a full midrange, and since Tripowin x HBB Mele had a similar warm neutral sound, I guess this is the sound that HBB likes.

(True Wireless Earbuds Review) QCY T17: Emphasis is placed on the sound field, and the sound is extended, fresh, high-resolution, and high-definition. However, the midrange is thin.

The QCY T17 has a refined sound that is a brighter overall version of the T13 sound. If you prefer a sound that is more delicate, brighter, fresher, and has a wider soundstage, the T17 is a better choice than the T13. I don't know if it is…