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IEM Cable

(Column) A research on the impact of earphone cables on sound quality conducted using TRN MT1 MAX

Does changing earphone cables really change the sound? I report on the results of our investigation, which probed the question of how much the act of replacing IEM cables affects the overall sound quality.

Effect Audio Launches 8-Wire Variant for Signature Series Ares S & Cadmus IEM Upgrade Cables!!

Last year, Effect Audio introduced the signature series of premium IEM upgrade cables with the release of Ares S, Cadmus, and Eros S cables. The series got immense love and support from the audiophile community delivering quality sound at …

KZ AZ15: Upgraded Bluetooth 5.2 Wireless Ear-Hook

KZ has released its latest earhook-type true wireless re-cable, the KZ AZ15.

Celest Ruyi: High-Quality OFC IEM Upgrade Cable With Detachable Omni-Directional Boom Microphone

Celest, a sister brand to Kinera has launched a brand new upgrade cable for IEMs, presenting the all-new Celest Ruyi. It’s a high-quality OFC wire upgrade cable that features a detachable Boom microphone. Ruyi has its roots deep in the cla…

Effect Audio Code 23: Flagship-Grade Pure Copper IEM Upgrade Cable

Effect Audio is a premium HiFi Audio gear brand from Singapore. They specialize in the design, development, and marketing of premium IEM upgrade cables with a huge range of award-winning products under their name. Founded back in 2009, Eff…

DUNU Hulk Pro Mini: Single Crystal Furukawa Copper IEM Upgrade Cable

DUNU recently launched the limited edition SA6 Ultra with its latest Hulk Pro Mini Cable. The Hulk Pro Mini cable packs the goodness of the highly-acclaimed Hulk Pro flagship IEM Upgrade Cable from DUNU but with an optimized wire diameter …

Linsoul Euphrosyne MKII: New Silver Plated Litz type 6 Upgrade Cable

Linsoul has released a new earphone upgrade cable, the Linsoul Euphrosyne MKII.

Effect Audio Introduces Heritage Series Cleopatra II High-End UP-OCC Premium IEM Upgrade Cable

Effect Audio is a premium high-end IEM and IEM upgrade cable brand based out of Singapore. They have a wide range of premium upgrade cables specially handcrafted for premium in-ear monitors. Today, we are officially launching their Heritag…

QKZ Q1 MAX: 16-strands 352 Cores OFC Silver-Plated HiFi Earphones Upgrade Cable

The latest model of audio cable for IEMs, "QKZ Q1 MAX" is now available. This remarkable model offers excellent design and quality at a low price.

Tripowin Amber: 32AWG OFC Oxygen Free Copper HiFi IEM Cable

Tripowin Amber, an attractive and low-priced IEM cable with an interchangeable plug system, has been released.

Linsoul XC01: 4-Strand Single Copper Silver-Plated Litz HiFi Audio Cable

The Linsoul XC01, a meticulous earphone cable with an interchangeable plug system, is now available.

LETSHUOER M3: Latest Monocrystalline Copper IEM Upgrade Cable

Lately, LETSHUOER has been active in the HiFi IEM market with their recent releases such as the S12, S12 Pro, D13, etc. The S12 series has got pretty solid reviews as well. Today, LETSHUOER has released its high-purity stock cable that the…

RAPTGO Release: Jointly-designed 4.4mm Shield Upgrade Headphone Cable

RAPTGO Release, a high-quality 4.4mm plug type IEM cable, is now available.

Tripowin Danube: 8 Core Silver-plated OCC Copper Audio Cable

The latest OCC IEM cable, Tripowin Danube, has been released.

Tripowin Perles: 8 Core Silver-plated OCC Copper IEM Cable

The latest OCC IEM cable, Tripowin Perles, has been released.

FiiO Releases LC-RE Pro 2022: Updated Flagship Gold, Silver, Copper Hybrid IEM Upgrade Cable

At their Autumn Fall Event today, FiiO has released the amazing FH7S hybrid driver IEMs. Alongside the FH7s, FiiO has also dropped an update to its flagship LC-RE Pro IEM cable, presenting the all-new FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022. Compared to the p…

LETSHUOER X Z Reviews Chimera IEM Upgrade Modular Cable

Following the success of the limited edition Z12 IEM collaboration between LETSHUOER and Zeos, We are proudly presenting you with a brand-new collaboration with Zeos from Z Reviews, presenting you all an all-new high-purity Modular IEM Upg…

7HZ Bohea: 28AWG OCC+Single Crystal Silver Cable

7Hz has released 7HZ Bohea, an IEM cable with interchangeable end plugs.

Kinera Gramr Modular IEM Upgrade Cable With Detachable Boom Microphone

Who said you can’t use your premium HiFi IEMs for calling?? Kinera has come up with a brand new IEM upgrade cable that features a detachable omnidirectional boom microphone, meet the all-new Kinera Gramr. The cable includes a microphone th…

(News) Kinera RUM: 6N OCC With Silver-Plated Upgrade Cable

The latest 6N OCC silver-plated copper earphone cable, Kinera RUM, has been released.

(News) TRIPOWIN Zoe: Upgraded 3.5mm Earphone Cable

The Tripowin Zoe is now available at Linsoul.

(News) THIEAUDIO Oceania: 24AWG Litz Type Palladium Coated Silver Cable

ThieAudio has released THIEAUDIO Oceania, a high-quality palladium-coated IEM cable.

(News) TRN BT3S pro: Bluetooth Neck-type Replaceable Bluetooth Upgrade Cable

TRN has released its latest Bluetooth re-cable, the TRN BT3S pro.

(News) FiiO Launches LC-RD Pro Pure Sterling Silver IEM Upgrade Cable

FiiO has released its latest IEM upgrade cable with swappable termination plugs, presenting you with the all-new FiiO LC-RD Pro. FiiO is a widely recognized brand mainly known for its high-fidelity audio gear and accessories including In-e…

(News) TRN T3 Pro: Pure Silver Premium Upgrade Cable

TRN has released the TRN T3 Pro, a plug-in modular silver earphone cable.