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(News) FiiO BTR7 Dongle Amplifier with THX AAA!!!

The FiiO BTR7 dongle amplifier with THX AAA amplifiers has been announced and is now available for pre-order on HiFiGO. The price is $239.

(News) HiFiGo 6.18 Summer Sale Is Here: Get Up To 30% Off On Your Favorite HiFi Audio Gears

Are you ready for the biggest sale of the second half of 2022!!!!! Let’s welcome the 6.18 sale at HiFiGo where we have brought the best collection of HiFi audio gears from famous brands like Kinera, DUNU, 7Hz, Softears, Shanling, HiBy, and…

(News) KZ GP20: 2.4Ghz Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset

KZ has released its latest gaming headset, the KZ GP20.

(News) Kinera RUM: 6N OCC With Silver-Plated Upgrade Cable

The latest 6N OCC silver-plated copper earphone cable, Kinera RUM, has been released.

(News) Hidizs MD4: 4 Custom Balanced Armature Drivers 3-way Crossover HiFi In-ear Monitors

Hidizs has released its newest IEMs, Hidizs MD4, in a 4BA configuration.

(News) SMSL Announces D-6 Hi-Res Desktop DAC & DA-6 Mini Class D Power Amplifier

SMSL is a famous Hifi audio brand specializing in high-quality premium desktop audio gears. They are known mainly for their audio decoders and headphone/power amplifiers. The best thing about SMSL is that its products are available across …