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(News) HiFiGo 6.18 Summer Sale Is Here: Get Up To 30% Off On Your Favorite HiFi Audio Gears


Are you ready for the biggest sale of the second half of 2022!!!!! Let’s welcome the 6.18 sale at HiFiGo where we have brought the best collection of HiFi audio gears from famous brands like Kinera, DUNU, 7Hz, Softears, Shanling, HiBy, and many more. Enjoy up to 30% off on your favorite HiFi audio gears including Digital Audio Players, In-Ear Monitors, Desktop Audio Decoders, Headphone Amplifiers, etc. If you were thinking to get a new DAP or a set of IEMs, now might just be the perfect time to buy your favorite ones at an unbeatable price!! We have brought up to 30% off on a huge catalog of HiFi gears, check out the entire Sale catalog here. Starting today, the sale will be active till the 18th of June, be sure to visit our website for the best deals. Here’s a short glimpse of popular products from the sale event below.


Shuoer S12: Beautiful Sound With Planar Magnetic Earphone Available At Unbelievable Price!!

  • Retail Price: 169$.
  • 6.18 Special Price: 135$.

SHUOER is creating waves in the HiFi market with its S12 Planar magnetic driver in-ear monitors. It brings a wonderfully clean and precise performance delivering punchy bass, lovely vocals, energetic treble, and exceptional imaging bringing a new life to your favorite music. S12 usually retails for 169$, during this 6.18 sale we have brought you this at an unbeatable price of just 135$!!!


Be sure to check out the amazing Shuoer S12 here.


Moondrop Variations: The Tribrid Everyone Loved, Now Available At Best Prices!!!

  • Retail Price: 520$.
  • 618 Special Price: 468$.

Moondrop Variations is rewarded as the best Tribrid IEMs around 500$ price segments. The five-driver tribrid delivers exceptional performance that beats several 1000$ IEMs with ease. Variations pack an impressive performance with spectacular staging, lovely midrange, and lively treble performance. If you want a high-tier like performance at a mid-fi level price, the Moondrop Variations is the perfect choice for you!!


Grab the wonderful Variations at just 468$ during this 618 Sale!! Apart from Variations, other products from Moondrop like the Kato, etc are also on sale, be sure to check out the complete sale deals here.


DUNU Titan S: Great Sound At A Great Price!!

  • Retail Price: 79$.
  • 6.18 Special Price: 72$.

DUNU a brand associated with several different top-level IEMs in the market literally amazed everyone with their 79$ priced Titan S. Titan S features a specially designed Cyberpunk-inspired techie design that house a newly-developed 11mm dynamic driver unit on each side. The pair is professionally tuned for an exceptional performance delivering quality sound at a pocket-friendly price. What’s better than getting even a better deal during this 618 sale priced at just 50$!!!!


618 Sale just makes the Titan S an amazing deal priced at 50$, drop by here for more details.


Gustard X26 Pro: Top-Level Desktop DAC!!

  • Retail Price: 1499.99$.
  • 6.18 Deal Price: 1349.99$.


How about we bring you an amazing deal on a flagship Desktop DAC, grab the amazing Gustard X26 Pro at an unbelievable price of 1349$. Gustard is a well-known name in the industry. They are known mainly for their premium desktop gears including audio decoders and headphone amplifiers. X26 Pro leads their DAC range with flagship ES9038Pro DAC chipset and 2nd gen XMOS XU216 USB processor. With the Gustard X26 Pro, only the best performance awaits you!!


Check out the Gustard X26 Pro and its features here.


Topping E50 + L50 + RCA Cable Combo: Your Perfect Desktop Stack Is Here!!

  • Retail price: 498$.
  • 6.18 Deal: 448$.

When it comes to the HiFi desktop stack at a budget, nothing beats the amazing Topping E50+L50 combination. It just feels perfect for any use case scenario as the E50 houses a capable ES9068AS DAC while the L50 provides super clean amplification to the Hi-Res decoded signal. During the 618 Sale, we have made sure you get the best deal on the amazing Topping Stack. When it retails for 498$ in the market, you can grab it for just 448$ during the sale!!


Be sure to check out the deal here.


Shanling M3X: Extraordinary DAP At Budget Price!!

  • Retail Price: 369$.
  • 6.18 Deal: 332$.

Shanling M3X came out as a blessing for mid-fi budget DAP lovers. It delivered a best-in-class audio performance with best-in-class battery life. The player literally provided close to 20 hours of battery life with Hi-Res audio signal decoding. Not only this, the M3X has a fully-open Android OS for full multimedia application support. If you are looking for a high-resolution Android DAP, The Shanling M3X is the one to look forward to. And during the 618 Sale, get it on a crazy deal!!!


Check out the amazing Shanling M3X here.


Kinera URD: Oh What A Beauty, On A Striking Deal!!

  • Retail Price: 649$.
  • 6.18 Deal: 585$.

Kinera URD, the latest tribrid from Kinera is an outstanding performer with a great looker. Kinera actually outdid itself with its exceptional performance delivering quality sound with beautifully hand-crafted 3D printed ear cavities. URD is designed with a tribrid configuration bringing us the best of three worlds including Dynamic Drivers, Balanced Armature drivers, and Electrostatic ones!! Kinera URD has always been a great IEM, with this 618 deal, it just become better!!


Apart from the URD, We are bringing huge discounts on the entire Kinera product catalog. Be sure to check them all out here.


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This is just a short glimpse, a short trailer from the entire sale. Our 6.18 sale brings you crazy deals on a super huge catalog of premium HiFi audio gears from famous brands including Gustard, Kinera, 7Hz, See Audio, Topping, and many more. Be sure to check out the entire sale catalog here. Not to mention we will be providing you with full customer support during and after the sales. For any further questions or queries feel free to write to us at