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Hidizs Launches MS5 Brand New Five-Driver Hybrid IEMs With Swappable Tuning Nozzles

In the audiophile world, Hidizs is a brand known for its IEMs and Digital Audio Players. Hidizs caters to audiophiles with its excellent products that offer a crazy price-to-performance ratio. Today, Hidizs has introduced a brand new pair …

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Hidizs MS5: Detail-oriented IEMs with reasonable high-frequency adjustment functions that focus on clean, well-connected high frequencies

The Hidizs MS5 IEMs are well-tuned in-ear monitors that are multi-hybrid with good sound image consistency. They are very attractive earphones for high-frequency lovers who want to focus on well-connected high frequencies, and very attract…

Hidizs MS5: 4BA+1DD Hybrid 5 Units HiFi In-Ear Monitor

Hidizs MS5 is a hybrid IEM with a liquid silicone dynamic driver and a Denmark Sonion 4 balanced armature driver. It features Hidizs exclusive solder process, replaceable "Hidizs Pneumatic Sound Tuning Filter™", and a one-piece aluminum al…

(Hidizs) Join the Free Global Public Review of Hidizs MS5

Introducing the Hidizs MS5, also known as the Guardian of the Black Angel - A Work of Art in the World. Designed with a unique and bold aesthetic, the MS5 not only looks stunning but also delivers exceptional sound quality. With a combinat…

(Portable Headphone Amp Review) Hidizs XO: Fun LED light effects, solid choice in price range.

The Hidizs XO is a fun portable headphone amp with colorful LEDs that can drive both IEMs and headphones well and works well with HiBy Music, making it a good candidate for those seeking an all-in-one dongle amp in this price range.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Hidizs MD4: Four diverse and unique sounds that can be switched and enjoyed with a switch. Excellent build quality

Hidizs MD4 has a package and build quality that is worth the price, and the switch allows the user to switch between four different sounds.

Hidizs Announces AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Limited Edition Collectible Digital Audio Player

Hidizs AP80 series of digital audio players need no introduction among audio lovers. The series has got plenty of products including the AP80, the AP80 Pro, and the recently launched AP80 Pro-X. Hidizs has a habit of releasing limited edit…

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Hidizs Mermaid MM2: Audio specs are above price. Equipped with proprietary duct tuning. Overall balance is low frequency leaning for all nozzles.

The Hidizs Mermaid MM2 has a V-shaped sound with a slightly more midrange neutrality with the standard gold nozzle. The silver nozzle, which is supposed to adjust more toward the highs, actually emphasizes the upper midrange to mid-highs. …

(News) Hidizs MD4: 4 Custom Balanced Armature Drivers 3-way Crossover HiFi In-ear Monitors

Hidizs has released its newest IEMs, Hidizs MD4, in a 4BA configuration.

(News) Hidizs Mermaid MM2: 6mm Low-Voltage Magneto-Static BM Driver IEMs

Hidizs, a very popular audio brand, has released its latest Chinese IEM with magnetostatic drivers, the Hidizs Mermaid MM2.

(News) Hidizs S9 Pro Latest ES9038Q2M Portable USB DAC/AMP Announced

Following the success of the Hidizs S9 Portable USB DAC/Amp, the brand has announced the latest upgraded Hidizs S9 Pro. It brings the strengths of an ESS Sabre DAC chip housing flagship-grade ES9038Q2M, an advanced 32-bit audio signal deco…