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(News) Musiland 09 Mark III: Headphone Amplifier Digital Audio Decoder

Musiland has released its latest digital portable headphone amplifier, the Musiland 09 Mark III.

(News) Yanyin Canon, hybrid Chi-fi IEMs with tuning switch, now available at Linsoul

Yanyin's Chi-fi IEMs with tuning switches, Yanyin Canon, are quietly gaining popularity among audiophiles, and Linsoul is now carrying them.

(News) Aune X8 XVIII Anniversary Edition BT Magic Desktop DAC

AUNE Audio is a famous brand from Shenzhen China, they specialize in premium HiFi desktop gears such as audio decoders, headphone amplifiers, digital clocks, etc. Today, Aune has released their latest special edition variant for the well-k…

(News) HiBy Released R5 Gen 2: Six Upgrades Over The Original R5 & R5 Saber

Over the years, HiBy has developed itself as a premium quality high-fidelity audio gear manufacturer. They develop and market some of the top-selling DAPs in the market today with successful products available across all the different segm…

(News) xDuoo Poke II: USB DAC/AMP with CS43198 Dual DAC and Bluetooth Transmission

xDuoo has unveiled its latest Portable USB DAC/AMP, the xDuoo Poke II. Short for the Pokemon USB DAC/AMP, the OG Poke model that came out a few years back was a huge success for the brand. Based on the same principle of designing an all-in…

(News) DUNU Studio SA4: The 4BA model of the popular series is here!

The DUNU Studio SA4, the latest model in DUNU's Studio series of fully balanced armature in-ear monitors, is now available.

(News) TANSIO MIRAI SANDS, Chinese IEMs with tuning switches, released.

TANSIO MIRAI SANDS, the latest tuning-switch-equipped in-ear monitors from the advanced Chinese IEM brand TANSIO MIRAI, have been released.

(Headphones Review) JVC HA-SW01: Almost no difference from HA-SW02

Perhaps because the basic structure is almost identical, the sound balance of the JVC HA-SW01 is almost the same as that of the HA-SW02. The number of parts, such as the sound rods, has increased, which may have affected the distortion rat…

(News) THOR Mjölnir MKII: An updater version of the first THOR model ever designed.

New IEM from THOR The THOR Mjölnir MKII is now available and will begin shipping after April 16, 2022.

(Headphones Review) Grado The Hemp Revised Edition: Flat sound with full midrange. At best, it is in line with the price.

The GRADO The Hemp V2 is accurate in its textural representation and delivers a sound field with a sense of depth. The audio specs generally manage to meet the price level, but they are not excellent headphones in their price range. They a…

(Headphones Review) JVC HA-SW02: Heavenly Music

The JVC HA-SW02 is a headphone with a unique taste that lets you experience music as if it is pouring down from the heavens. High-resolution, richly resonant, harmonically bright, and with music pouring down on you, it is a musical experie…

(News) Smabat ST20 Pro: 120ohm Balanced Armature + Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi Earbud

Smabat has released the Smabat ST20 Pro, a hybrid-type intraconca Chinese earphone that combines a balanced armature driver and a dynamic driver.

(News) TRN BAX: BA+1DD+2EST hybrid type new flagship IEM

TRN has released the TRN BAX, the company's flagship hybrid IEMs.

(Chi-fi IEM Review) Fidue Gem 4: The resolution is very high, but the overall balance is aggressive, with a lot of distortion and a dry sound characteristic of balanced armatures.

The Fidue Gem4 is a very high-resolution sounding earphone that can impress those who like a clear sound. However, the sound is a bit too aggressive and has a lot of balanced-armature-like distortion, which makes it hard to say that it is …

(IEM Review) Westone Pro X30: Stage monitor with emphasis on midrange. Not for everyday music appreciation. Good for listening to explanatory videos or practicing your instrument.

Westone Pro X30 Disclaimer Recommended for people like this Overview of Westone Pro X30 audio-sound Score Basic Specifications package Package contents Build quality Fit Sound quality REW Frequency Response Sound quality description Sound …

(Chi-fi IEM Review) BGVP DM8: A beautiful earphone that provides a mellow midrange with high resolution

The BGVP DM8 is a Chinese earphone that can be recommended to those who want to enjoy the midrange harmoniously and mellowly. The resolution is very close to outstanding considering the price, the vocal expression is very beautiful, and cl…

(Monitor Headphones Review) SHURE SRH1540: Excellent neutral recording monitor. One of SHURE's best models that carefully projects a wide range of sound.

The SHURE SRH1540 has a very high reputation, and I can confirm that it does indeed have a very good neutral sound. Of course, it is not a perfect model. The sound is lacking in clarity considering the price, and may lack pinpoint clarity …

(True Wireless Earbuds Review) Bang & Olufsen E8 Sport: The most attractive feature of this product is its high resolution sound with excellent detail. The design is also full of functional beauty.

The B&O E8 Sport is a completely wireless earphone that has a clean and clear sound field and gives you a monitor-like, detail-oriented sound. The resolution is impressive, the space is clear, and you can enjoy your music with great detail…

(Headphones Review) GRADO RS2e: Dynamic and energetic GRADO reference sound. Vibrant and lively rock sound is here.

GRADO RS2e is a headphone that has a well-balanced sound with free sound field flatness in mind. These headphones have a wide sound field with a sense of depth and a glossy, lively, energetic sound that will make rock and pop music come al…