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Luxury & Precision Launches "W4" & "W4-Ex" Flagship Portable USB DAC/AMPs

Luxury & Precision W4 & W4-Ex

Luxury & Precision W4 & W4-Ex


Luxury & Precision is a premium HiFi audio brand from China. They design, develop, and market top-quality audio products primarily known for their P6 Pro digital audio player and W2 Portable USB DAC/AMP. Today, Luxury & Precision has come out with two new products, the W4, and the W4-Ex. Both the W4 and W4-Ex come as an upgrade to the award-winning W2 Portable USB DAC/AMP. The W4 here is the latest flagship USB DAC/AMP while the W4-Ex is going to be the sub-flagship for the brand. Both the devices adopt the latest-generation in-house developed core chipset and ensure top-quality audio performance!!


Luxury & Precision W4-1


Luxury & Precision W4 is launched officially for 482$ while the sub-flagship W4-Ex is priced at 352$. Let’s dive more into the details and features of both products.


Luxury & Precision W4 houses the latest-generation LP5108 core chipset. It provides exceptional audio performance for the device supporting all-leading PCM signals up to 32-Bit/384kHz Bitrate and native DSD256 audio signals. This new chipset enables L&P to achieve its desired tuning goals with the latest flagship W4 device. The resulting performance of the W4 is simply amazing, it achieves best-in-class SNR performance(134dB), and best-in-class DNR performance (134dB), and ensures clean output with an ultra-low distortion rating.


Luxury & Precision W4-2


Luxury&Precision W4 is a true flagship-grade device. It brings a huge performance upgrade over the previous-generation W2 model. The W4 has two times cleaner distortion compared to the W2 mode, twice the dynamic range, and 1.7 times the output power. With a newly-developed low-power consumption circuit, the power draw of W4 is just half the W2. W4 has two output ports, 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced. It has an output power rating of up to 420mW, which is powerful enough to drive IEMs and headphones as well. The W4 is launched in Powder Grey color.


Luxury & Precision W4EX-1


Coming on to the W4-Ex, we have self-developed LP5108EX Core chipset. Just like the flagship W4, it is also designed to deliver top-quality sound for the users. It also supports 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256 audio signals. The W4-EX achieves quality output with low-distortion performance and delivers amazing SNR performance(132dB) as well.


W4-Ex is a sub-flagship for the brand, and it promises high-level sound clarity. It also has two-output options including 3.5mm and 4.4mm ports. The maximum rated output for the W4-Ex is 220mW. The W4-Ex is launched in Prussian Blue Color.


Luxury & Precision W4Ex-2


Both the devices also share some common features like different tunings with upgradeable firmware, multiple EQ profiles, different DSP options, etc. Luxury & Precision has designed both the W4 and the W4-Ex with great precision to ensure high-quality sound enjoyment for the listeners. The W4 is available for 482$ while the W4-Ex is launched for 352$. You can check out more details and features about them on their respective product pages.


Luxury & Precision W4 & W4-Ex

Luxury & Precision W4 & W4-Ex

Luxury & Precision W4 & W4-Ex