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TKZK Ouranos: 10mm Carbon Nanotube Dynamic Driver Headphones In-Ear Earphone

TKZK Ouranos

TKZK Ouranos


The newest single dynamic driver IEMs, TKZK Ouranos, are now available at Linsoul.



  • Affordable Luxury
  • Latest Technology for Richer Sound
  • Stable Cable in Soft Wrapping
  • Comfy Listening
  • Balanced Music Leveled Up by Burning in



  • Product name: Ouranos
  • Product Type: In-Ear Wired Headphones
  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Driver unit: 10MM new generation CNT unit
  • Frequency response: 10-20KHz
  • Rated power: 3mw
  • Sensitivity: 110±3db @1khz 0.126v
  • Impedance: 320±15%
  • Distortion: 1% @1kHz 0.126V
  • Pin: 3.5mm gold-plated pin
  • Wire length: 1200mm
  • What is in the box:
    • 2* Ouranos earphone (left+right)
    • 6* Ear tips (S*2 + M*2 + L*2)
    • 1* Cotton storage bag
    • 1* 1.2m silver-plated earphone cable


Affordable Luxury

Ouranos is a masterpiece made with passion. Only top-quality materials are used, to build you a HiFi IEM that sounds awesome and looks exceptional. 3D-printed resin is applied to give the panel the marble gloss, while rose gold immersed gold carbon fiber is used for the deluxe pattern. And it’s not just high-end materials, all parts are hand-polished to give you the true luxury experience.


TKZK Ouranos


Latest Technology for Richer Sound

Driver is the core force behind the audio quality in any headphone. And in Ouranos, the latest design and technology are all introduced for you to enjoy a richer sound. For more precision and to represent each frequency range more accurately, the headphone applied the new generation CNT (carbon nanotube) as materials for the diaphragm. The strongest Neodymium magnet, N52 is used so the driver can catch more details for you. And the Ouranos is designed with dual cavities for a winder acoustic feel.


Stable Cable in Soft Wrapping

The strands of silver-plated core wire will give you a clear and accurate sound with a swift transfer, while the 3.5mm universal-sized pin is plated in gold for heightened conductivity. The wrapping of this cable is made of tough and smooth PVC. Thanks to the strength and resistance of PVC wrapping, the cable is tangle-free, impossible to break in daily use, and feels soft.


Comfy Listening

With such nice headphones, for sure you’ll want to use them daily. To prevent discomfort in daily use, each pair of Ouranos is polished manually to rid of the prominent bumps that may hurt your ear. Efforts are also made in the designing the shapes and the ear tips, to prevent soreness while sitting firmly in your ear. With the Ouranos, you will also get 6 pairs of ear tips in three sizes, for a better fit that also helps block ambient noises.


TKZK Ouranos


Balanced Music Leveled Up by Burning in

With the carbon nanotube diaphragm and the strong N52 magnet, the driver is well-equipped in playing every detail in the audio files for you. And after some minor tuning with our experienced experts, the sound signature is smooth and well-balanced. This is the type of tuning that suits every kind of music and can be even better if you invest 48 hours to let it burn-in. The burn-in will lessen audio quality loss caused by electronic interference and essentially give you a purer sound that fully shows Ouranos’s potentials.




Price & Availability

TKZK Ouranos is now available at Linsoul and other locations for $55.


TKZK Ouranos

TKZK Ouranos

TKZK Ouranos