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Power Amp

Topping Releases A70 Pro Headphone Amplifier & D70 Pro Sabre Flagship ES9039SPro DAC

Topping is a familiar name among audiophiles. Over the years Topping has got a great reputation as one of the leading brands for desktop HiFi audio gear including everything from a desktop audio decoder to headphone amplifier, and more. To…

Fosi Audio TB10D: D-class power amplifier claiming up to 300W power (per side) at 4 ohms

In this issue, we take a look at the Fosi Audio TB10D, a class-D power amplifier from Fosi Audio.

Trasam M7: High-Fidelity ESS9018K2M Decoding Chips Bluetooth 5.0 Power Amplifier

The high-quality Amp with built-in DAC, Trasam M7, is now available.

xDuoo MT-605 Digital Power Amplifier With 12AU7 Tube!!

Adding to their MT and MU series of budget desktop audio gears, xDuoo has announced the all-new MT-605 Tube Digital Power Amplifier. It’s a digital power amplifier based on the powerful TI TPA3116 power amplifier chip with a 12AU7 tube in …

SONCOZ SGP1 High-Power Reference-Grade Class AB Stereo Power Amplifier

With just a few products out there, SONCOZ has made a good name in the HiFi audio industry. The brand is mainly known for its exceptional quality in desktop audio gear. Today, SONCOZ has introduced a brand new premium HiFi audio gear, Meet…

(News) SMSL Announces D-6 Hi-Res Desktop DAC & DA-6 Mini Class D Power Amplifier

SMSL is a famous Hifi audio brand specializing in high-quality premium desktop audio gears. They are known mainly for their audio decoders and headphone/power amplifiers. The best thing about SMSL is that its products are available across …

(News) SMSL Launches A300: High-Power Digital Amplifier For Desktop Stereo Setup

SMSL offers a huge range of premium desktop HiFi audio gears. They have everything right from desktop Decoders to headphone and power amplifiers. Today, SMSL adds a new power amplifier to its collection, meet the all-new SMSL A300. The lat…

(News) Topping LA90: Ultra-high Performance Power Amplifier

Topping, a very popular desktop audio brand, has released the Topping LA90, a power amplifier with the highest class output.

(News) S.M.S.L VMV A2 High-Resolution Power Amplifier Available Now

Today, S.M.S.L has announced VMV A2, a high-resolution power amplifier in their premium VMV lineup of desktop products. It utilizes the latest DSP chip and ST high power amplifier chip that provides a clean and distortion-free audio signal…