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7HZ Bohea: 28AWG OCC+Single Crystal Silver Cable

7HZ Bohea

7HZ Bohea


7Hz has released 7HZ Bohea, an IEM cable with interchangeable end plugs.



  • New modular plug design
  • Updated MMCX connectors
  • Two Fashion Color Choices



  • Material: 28AWG OCC+Single Crystal Silver Cable
  • Plug: 4.4mm balanced, 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm unbalanced
  • Connectors: MMCX


28AWG OCC+Single Crystal Silver Cable

We have improved the physical texture of the cable by using a soft material. it is made of single cyrstal copper with single crystal silver wires. The outer layer of pure silver coaxially shielded, intentionally designed to complement natural sound reproduction and transparency.


New modular plug design

Most significantly, this new stock cable features the proprietary "Smart Switch", a new modular plug design, allowing you to choose between 4.4mm balanced, 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm unbalanced terminations, simply by swapping out the plug ends.


Updated MMCX connectors

This reduces the need for bulky adapters, giving your setup a more complete look and feel. The MMCX connectors on the stock cable are also updated to provide a more secure fit with your IEMs.


Two Fashion Color Choices

Bohea is given a more brilliant design style. The pair here is available in multiple color options including a beautiful Brown , a stunning blue color options.


7HZ Bohea

7HZ Bohea

7HZ Bohea