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(News) Rose QT9 MK2S: 1DD+4BA Hi-Fi Audiophile Flagship IEMs

Rose QT9 MK2S

Rose QT9 MK2S


Rose's latest hybrid IEM, the Rose QT9 Mk2S, is now available.



  • Imported 4 Unit Flagship BA
  • DD+4BA Hybrid Drivers
  • 10mm Liquid Crystal Tesla DD
  • Universal MMCX Connector
  • Ergonomic Wear
  • 6N OCC Flagship Cab




  • Unit: 1DD + 4BA
  • Frequency Range: 8 - 44600Hz
  • impedance: 12Ω
  • Sensitivity: 108dB
  • Connector: mmcx
  • Weight: 30g


The 3rd Generation of DD & BA 

Qt9 has been updated for 3 generations in 5 years. To make Qt9 have strong competitiveness, we have solved technical problems like phase difference and connection problem between harmonic distortion units by constantly optimizing the acoustic structure. 



Great Sound Comes from Great Material 

Built-in 10mm Tesla dynamic driver in flagship configuration imported from Japan with super-magnetic high-performance LCP diaphragm over 1T.



PMMA + Aerial Aluminum Alloy Shell 

PMMA is a tough plexiglass material, but its disadvantage is that its cost per unit weight is four times higher than silver. It will not break even if dropped from a height. Aluminum alloy panels and CNC 5-axis machining center faceplates prevent paint from peeling off due to oxidation. 3 color variations are available. 



Master Tuning Makes more Perfect Sound Quality

Xie Yu, the former tuner of Fostex, led the tuning of QT9 series who has participated in the tuning of various classic models like ie7, mx980, A8. His tuning style, which is typically characterized by high vocal density and high resolution, has always been relatively balanced. With extremely high intonation, QT9 is a masterpiece that took Mr. Xie a year to adjust. 


Qt9mk2s is the 3rd generation of Qt9 series, designed to benchmark the market mainstream DD & BA flagship earphones. Qt9mk2s has unparalleled resolution quality: the DD+BA configuration generates a grand soundstage; two medium-frequency BA drivers make it have a very high-density vocal performance. The lOmm Tesla DD makes it easy to get low-frequency dynamics. The dual high - frequency BA drivers make it obtain excellent extended sense of treble performance. Asa flagship, it's balanced but not mediocre. 


Ergonomic Design 

It is more in hoe with the ergonomic design of European and Asian ear canal, which took more than 70 times appearance adjustment for comfortable wearing and collected more than 200 groups of 3D data of European and Asian ears. 



Choice of coloring

Rose QT9 Mk2s are available in three fashionable colors. You can choose the color that best coordinates with your outfit and personal image.




Rose QT9 Mk2S is available now at HiFiGO and others for $249.


Rose QT9 MK2S

Rose QT9 MK2S

Rose QT9 Mk2S