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JOYODIO SHINE: 1DD+2BA Hybrid Driver In Ear Monitor




Joyodio Shine, a gimmicky low-cost IEM with a hybrid 1DD+2BA configuration and switch tuning control, is now available.



  • The Inspiration of Light & Shadow
  • 4-Level Adjustable Tuning Switch
  • 3D-Printed Sound Tubes&High-end Zinc Alloy Faceplate
  • 8-Strand Detachable Silver-plated Cable



  • Model: SHINE
  • Driver: 1DD+2BA
  • Impedance: 11-31Ω
  • Sensitivity: 106±3dB
  • Frequency Range: 20-40000Hz
  • Cable Material: 8 core silver-plated cable
  • Cable Length: 120±5cm
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm


Joyodio SHINE-The Inspiration of Light&Shadow

As a brand focusing on innovative design and its unique aesthetics, this time Joyodio is presenting an earphone inspired by light and shadow-SHINE. Light cannot be touched but still exists in every corner of our life. At the darkest moment comes the light. In our interpretation, light is the flipside of shadow. The SHINE earphone is an exquisite masterpiece with fabulous tuning switches that will amaze everyone in every detail.




1DD+2BA Hybrid HiFi IEM

The SHINE in ear earphone adopts hybrid technology to display extraordinary timbre and breakthrough performance. Featuring an innovative high-performance 7mm dual magnetic&dual cavity dynamic driver, complemented with 29689 and 30019 balanced armatures, SHINE is tuned to be overall smooth and natural in full frequency. Specially the bass is powerful and clear, while the mids&high are rich, clean and listenable.




4-Level Adjustable Tuning Switch

The best feature out of SHINE must be the 4-level adjustable patented tuning switch. Designed based on multi-channel frequency crossover, using adjacent frequency band crosstalk suppression and phase compensation technology, the low frequency, high frequency and ultra-high frequency work smoothly on SHINE. Moreover up to 16 styles of different tuning can be reached.




3D-Printed Sound Tubes&High-end Zinc Alloy Faceplate

Comfort is another factor we care about more than appearance. The ergonomic design of SHINE is based on an in-depth study of the human ear contour. The included soft silicone eartips improve the tightness of the earplugs and it can effectively isolate noise. With 3D-printed resin shell and lightweight metal faceplate, SHINE is comfortable to wear even for long session.


8-Strand Detachable Silver-plated Cable

Premium 8-strand silver-plated cable is chosen for SHINE to better protect the signal transmission, while it also has excellent conductivity to provide stable and high-quality sound for headphones. The multi-strand braiding technique effectively shield the interference signal, so that you can enjoy high-quality music freely.


Joyodio SHINE-Experience the Fun of Light and Shadow

Joyodio was founded with the intention of bringing trendsetting headphone designs and innovative acoustic technology to audiophile around the world. With that concept in mind, Joyodio has independently pioneered the development of 4-level adjustable tuning switch in-ear monitor, setting a new standard for the industry.


The newly launched model-SHINE is conceived in terms of light and shadow. The warm sunlight cannot be seen or touched, but you can feel the warmth in every part of you, like the shadow by your side, giving you hope and strength.


We contribute light and heat in our own way, and right now, Joyodio is with you to witness your "Shine" moment. From the exquisite casing to the commendable 4-level tuning switch and the 3D-printed tube construction, SHINE has considered every aspect, down to the smallest detail, in order to incorporate Joyodio's high-end headphone concept into these headphones.






Price & Availability

JOYODIO SHINE is available now at Linsoul and other stores for $79.99.