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(News) Rose Photon: 8mm PEK Dynamic Driver In-ear Earphones

Rose Photon

Rose Photon


Rose Photon is now on sale.



  • Flagship 8mm PEK Diaphragm DD
  • Ergonomic Shape, Better Fit
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Attractive Look
  • lmported Microphone, Hi-Fi Sound



  • Model: Rose Photon
  • Impedance: 18Ω
  • Sensitivity: 98dB
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20000Hz
  • Cable material: OFC


Flagship 8mm PEK Diaphragm DD

High-quality sound is supported by the high-end flagship dynamic driver. Rose Photon applies the newest generation of Tesla dynamic driver technology and adopts the 8mm PEK Diaphragm Dynamics Driver, bringing an accurate Hi-Fi sound quality. Listen, how pure and splendid the timbre is...Overall, Rose Photon has unparalleled resolution quality, redefining entry-level eardphones.


Rose Photon


Ergonomic Shape, Better Fit

In order to provide an ultra comfort, our engineers have adjusted the shape more than 70 times while also analogizing a large amount of human ear canal data. Given that effort, Rose Photon reaches a relatively comfortable and secure fit for most people.


Rose Photon


Wide Compatibility

As a HiFi earphone, Rose Photon is compatible with multiple platforms. Feel free to connect it to your iPhone, PC, music player, Android system, etc.


Attractive Look

The whole earphones are made of handmade transparent crystalline cavity material, and every color match is thoughtful and natural. Rose Photon offers four popular colors, you can find one that suits your mood and desire. Good earphones are not only due to good sound quality but also should be a unique and excellent accessory.


Rose Photon


lmported Microphone, Hi-Fi Sound

Only with a good microphone can a call be clear, to achieve the HD phone call and game chatting, we choose the imported American BA microphone.


Price & Availability

Rose Photon is now available at Linsoul and other retailers for $15.99.


Rose Photon

Rose Photon

Rose Photon