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(News) CCA CRA+: A popular model that has evolved further




KZ's sub-brand CCA is back with a brushed-up version of its very popular model. CCA CRA+ has been released.



  • Patented Ultra-thin Diaphragm 10mm Dynamic
  • Zinc Alloy
  • Inlaid Cover
  • 2Pin Exchangeable Plugging Design for cable
  • High-purity Silver-plated Wire
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Lightweight with comfortable wearing experience
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Extraordinary performance for three frequency



  • Headphone type: Dynamic headphones
  • Pin Type: 0.75mm 2pin
  • Cable Length: 120+5cm
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm
  • Frequency: 20-40000Hz
  • Impedance: 23.5Ω
  • Sensitivity: 111dB+1dB


CCA CRA+: Shocking your hearing experience than ever dynamic

Continue the classic from CRA, break the acoustics technical limits, with entirely new upgrade, never stop to be better.


Three better upgrades. Unbeatable innovation, meeting your expectations

Based on the tuning of the CRA, we have improved the bass to be more powerful and clearer. Compared to the CRA, the CRA+ is tuned with a new molding of the speaker's structure to achieve an improved F1 (first formant frequency) and a phenomenal auditory experience. Improved Acoustic Performance Tuning of the CRA+ results in a stronger bass, wider frequency response, and a more extended soundstage in the high frequencies.



A completely new dynamic type

CRA+ sets the benchmark for thousand dollar class IEM tuning. Patented ultra-thin polymer composite diaphragm and 0.15MM magnetic gap contribute to low distortion; 0.035MM loop diameter stabilizes the driver's frequency and ensures efficient vibration.




Professional Acoustic Tuning: Feel Your Heartbeat with CRA+

Comparison with CRA,

  • CRA+ is tuned for better bass.
  • CRA+ has a 10mm driver for a better soundstage.
  • With upgraded drivers and tuning, CRA+ has a wider frequency response, with
  • highs up to 40 kHz (high-resolution standard) making the CRA+ more linear and refined in tone.
  • The 20-20 kHz frequency range makes the CRA+ more linear and refined in tone quality.



Luxury Appearance

Shining debut with CRA+, to be more outstanding than ever. Luxury appearance with multiple exquisite manship, the products are even more special.



Comfortable To Wear

CCA CRA+ is lightweight with an ergonomic design that greatly improved wearing comfort and it made the curves of the shell fit your ear as much as possible. There is no burden for long-term wearing, bringing a comfortable wearing experience.


High-Purity Cable

The standard 0.75mm gold-plated pins are compatible with a variety of 2Pin standard upgrade cables, which can be upgraded as a wireless version with Bluetooth ear hooks or use the other hifi cable. It has 3.5mm gold-plated pins that can compatible with multiple devices. With a Gold-plated interface anti-oxidation and anti-rust design, it will undoubtedly be more durable. The upgrade cable can effectively prevent wire knots.



Exchangeable Plugging Design

Support exchanged to most of universal hifi cable in market 0.75mm standard gold-plated PIN connector can be upgrade to the wireless version with CCA BTX.






Price & Availability

The CCA CRA+ is now available at HiFiGO and other locations for $37.17. It is currently on sale for $27.88.